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I've communicated how beautiful & important this record is to me and Nashville at large, but just to plug it again - so as to keep it fresh on the mind. Ladies & germs, the 2016 BRiLeY album, The Search has got to be on your list/radars!
Up beat culture in Nashville! Thanks, Paul!

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It's official! Criterion has launched it's online streaming service, Filmstruck! The holdings look pretty impressive out of the gate, but I expect it to improve. Yet another option for online viewing.

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And don't forget what with all the spooky stuff goin' on this weekend that there's a great great show going on at Radio Cafe this Sunday 10/30 at 8pm sharp. We won't keep you out late, and the bill is going to be a beaut'! New material from Sugar Sku*-*s & a rare live performance by
Those Drones!
4150 Gallatin Pike. Nashville, TN 37216 (Look for the Supreme Motors)

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The visual poet/archival film genius Bill Morrison pairs up with Nashville's own Lambchop. The track used in the film, The Hustle, is off of their upcoming Merge Records release FLOTUS coming out this November. The pre-order is available on the label's site, and the film is out there for your viewing on Youtube. I whole-wholeheartedly second NPRs Bob Boilen's suggestion to take the 18 minutes our of your day and watch/listen to this piece.
Tonight from 7-8pm Central, tune in to Nashville's community supported free form radio, WXNA, to hear a live interview with Ryan Norris, member of Lambchop and the brains behind the track in the film. You'll also be able to hear some of it's sister composition from his Blue Room Sessions LP out under his solo project handle, Coupler. The Sessions LP is his 4th full length as Coupler and is available via Third Man Records.
The interview with Ryan on WXNA can be heard from 7-8pm US Central at:
streaming via the TuneIn app
or locally on your radio dial at 101.5 FM

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Follow this link to help support those assisting with the late, great Paul Booker's funeral expenses. I know this is late in the sharing, but it is a very worthy cause. Paul's presence and music will continue to be sorely, deeply missed. 

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Nashville's newest listener-supported nonprofit freeform radio station, +WXNAfm 101.5-FM is scheduled for blast off! It is officially time to celebrate! Funny enough WRVU went off the air on June 7th, 2011... but +WXNAfm is going on the air June 4th, 2016 - 5 years to the week. How 'bout that! And in reference to the station's FM frequency, they're kicking it off on Saturday at 10:15am!
The Board has action-packed programming slated for this weekend (June 4&5) to get things started. I write to not only announce the first days of official programming, but also to mention that they've invited the inaugural community dj's to the studio to celebrate and introduce ourselves and our shows in a rapid series they've aptly titled "15 Minutes of Fame."
The illustrious folks of the +WXNAfm Board will be joined by many luminaries such as djB +John Brassil, +Anna Lundy the Indie Pop Princess, D-Funk +Doyle Davis , Jonathan Marx, Tommy freakin' Womack, among many many other wonderfully talented and eager folks who will be keeping the airwaves HOT over the weekend - just for you! -- If you can't tune in this weekend, do know that regular programming begins this following Monday, June 6. --
For those of you who haven't heard from me directly, or in a while, I will have my short feature this coming Saturday night (June 4) from 6:45pm to 7pm. I'll be introducing my new show, Sound Mind & Proxy. My tag line is Global Platters That Matter, and I plan on following through on that promise by presenting a very diverse, but invariably appreciable, if not enjoyable smattering of global sounds - beholden to no era and flying in the face of all genres; the sum of my musical knowledge for your listening pleasure. My regular weekly show is slated for Friday nights from 7pm to 8pm - know that! For those of you not in middle Tennessee, you can stream the station from the site as well as with theTuneIn app available for a myriad of devices.
My people..... let's rock!

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FMRL booked this one - oughta be goood!
Very excited to have these guys back in town!
Nashville, Tennesse: ahleuchatistas are set perform a live show tomorrow at Betty's Grill on 407 49th Ave North!

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Wonderful interview with the talented Alvin Aronson - he's got a new release on White Material.

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Just in case you haven't checked it out yet....
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