Welcome to the first day of your 30 Day Video/Blogging Challenge. Feel Free to +1 this post too.  Lydia & Aurore wishing you an awesome content generating week!
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+Sue Tamani Finally got rid of one of the profiles been trying to do that for sometime now.
+Aurore Jones
Liked, shared, commented. Time sure goes by fast that contest is how I found you.
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+Lindsay Hack commented and shared I really was shocked had just watched him in  a movie the night before
I got you Lydia!  Scooped you too.  :)
Sue Tamani - I also got you as well.  :)
My second video on you tube ever. Day One was just an introduction to get me comfortable.  Look out Day 2!
+Sharaleen Brown 
Hi Sharaleen I didn't see anything you created. Reread the guidelines in the Mastermind Fever group so you don't get passed over. By the way I too love IBO
Hey All, last but not least here is my video for day 1 of the challenge. I am committed, I was not going to bed before getting this done.
Do you want to make more money to support support the family's expenses? If so, the internet can help you change your life forever.  In order to make make money online, you will need only three things. 1. They are a product, 2. A selling method and 3. buyers. You don't need  any other things except a computer and internet connection. About the product a product is something that you will use to sell to your customer. There are two types of products you can sell online. They are Tangible and intangible products. Tangible products are the ones you can see and touch, such as phones, cars, photo cameras and laptops. Most times you have to charge the customer for shipments. Intangible products are products that you can download off the internet. They are digital format such as e-books, mp3 files and videos. Usually the buyer is not paying for delivery. The buyer can download the digital product directly to the computer. It is up to you which type of product you may choose. Some people prefer to sell digital products because you don't need to worry about the delivery and the quality of the product.
Aurore and Lydia are EPIC lol, I guess it comes with experience and determination, I have one and am working on the other one lol. Inspired and sold. thank you
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