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Join us for a Google+ Hangout on Air on Monday, Aug. 5 at 5 pm ET/2 pm PT as we introduce our flagship show, “America Tonight”! Special correspondent Soledad O’Brien and host Joie Chen join digital producer Azmat Khan and the “America Tonight” team to discuss how they’re doing news differently.
You’ll get a sneak peek into upcoming stories and learn more about the show’s mission to tell urgent, important and underreported stories with the quality, depth and time they deserve.
The Google+ Hangout on Air is also an opportunity for you to help us find those stories. We want to hear from you! Tweet @AJAM( with #AJAMLive or leave a comment below to give us your thoughts on the following topics:
1) How should a nightly current affairs program serve you?
2) #AllAmericans: Share first-person stories from Americans who usually go unheard.
3) #WhatWorks: Successful solutions to problems, with concrete demonstrable results. These can include anything from a scientific breakthrough, to a medical cure, to a program that remedies social problems, to an individual who changes lives for the better.
“America Tonight” producers will be looking through your pitches and selecting a handful to be featured in the Hangout, and you may even see your story idea on the show when the channel launches Aug. 20.
Be sure to RSVP here for the Google+ Hangout on Air on Aug. 5, and invite your friends to join too!
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Aurelio Tinio

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How I view Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Some of my friends in the tech press have got that Google+ fever, and are running wild with it. But others don't get it. They come to Google+, look around and wonder what all the fuss is about. 

Most of these friends really like Twitter, or really get Facebook. So by way of analogy, I'd like to share with them (and you) how I view Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 

Here's the analogy: 

Twitter is Penn Station. 

If you're using social media for content discover (and who isn't these days), you will find very little of that content on Twitter itself. Nearly all the content you get from Twitter is through links on Twitter to content posted elsewhere. 

In that sense, Twitter is a hub for people coming from one place and headed to some other place. 

Yes, there is some content on Twitter, just as there is "content" at Penn Station (restaurants, Madison Square Garden, etc.), but it's lightweight content designed for people in a hurry. 

Like Penn Station, Twitter is useful, valuable and necessary, but mostly as a conveyer of minds from one place that isn't Twitter to another place that isn't Twitter. 

Facebook is Long Island. 

Unlike Twitter, Facebook is a destination or a place to "live." There's massive content there -- all the content some people really need. 

Like Long Island, Facebook is a great place to live if you want to spend your time with family and friends. 

And like Long Island, Facebook is an island.

It's not a walled garden anymore. There are no physical walls or barriers that prevent people from posting publicly and sharing the links to those individual posts, but hardly anyone does that. Most of the content on Facebook is either personal content for family and friends, or it's Twitter-like links to outside content. Hardly anybody blogs on Facebook, for example. 

Facebook is not about Big Ideas. It's about little league games, drinks with friends, backyard barbecues and cultivating relationships with family and old friends. 

If you grew up on Long Island, it doesn't matter that the Island doesn't have the best restaurants in the world, the best theater, the best night-clubs or that Long Island isn't the best place in the world to publish something. It's where your peeps are, and that's why you love it. 

Google+ is New York City.

Like New York City, Google+ is a huge, beautiful, vibrant, multi-cultural engine of ideas.

New York City is an industrial city, and its main industries are about information and creative content (the stock exchange, book and magazine publishing, fashion, etc.) and in that sense Google+ is analogous. 

Like New York City, Google+ is a great destination and a great place to live for people who want to meet interesting new people all the time, create and publish content and be intellectually stimulated. 

It's got vibrant theater (YouTube), the very best places to mingle and interact with people (Hangouts), awesome places for curation (Picasa, YouTube and regular posts) and more. 

Just as New York City has Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal, Google+ has everything that Twitter has. And just as New York exists on the physical Long Island with Brooklyn and Queens, Google+ does the same stuff Facebook does. 

If you've lived on Long Island as I did for ten years, you know a lot more people on Long Island than you do in New York City, but that doesn't make it a better place to live, necessarily. 

The difference between visiting and living in New York.

Here's the thing: If you're an occasional visitor, a tourist in New York City, spend most of your time in Midtown, take the open-top bus tour, go to the top of the Empire State Building, eat at Original Ray's Pizza and see The Lion King on Broadway, you will not experience New York City and you will have no idea what the place is all about. You won't understand why and how people live there and what they love about it. 

You won't understand New York City unless you move there, cultivate a community and actually live and work there. 

Like Penn Station, you can understand what Twitter is all about in an hour. Like Long Island, you can understand what Facebook is (if your family and friends live there) in a three-day weekend -- it's about family and friends. 

But like New York City, you can't understand Google+ with a casual, occasional and superficial visit. 

And if you're a content creator -- writer, photographer, blogger, film-maker, restauranteur, etc. -- hoping to benefit from New York City or Google+ -- you will get no benefit if you visit as a tourist. 

But as a resident, the rewards are astronomical in the way of contacts, stimulation, inspiration and opportunities to public and publicize your work. 

In order to "get" Google+, you've got to actually leave Long Island and move to the Big City. (And once you arrive, you've got to leave Penn Station...) 

I don't know if these analogies make sense to anyone else, but this is how I view the differences between Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 
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Aurelio Tinio

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Ok, I kinda want to live in Kansas City right now. +Google Fiber sounds great!
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Aurelio Tinio

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Gah.. as I watch +Google Fiber youtube livestream, it keeps stuttering. I need a fiber connection NOW in order to view this since hotel connection is wonky.

Google Fiber Announcement in Kansas City, July 2012
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Just watched the video for this again, so good.

If only we had taller been

The fence we walked between the years
Did balance us serene;
It was a place half in the sky where
In the green of leaf and promising of peach
We’d reach our hands to touch and almost thouch that lie,
That blue that was not really blue.
If we could reach and touch, we said,
‘Twould teach us, somehow, never to be dead.

We ached, we almost touched that stuff;
Our reach was never quite enough.
So, Thomas, we are doomed to die.
O, Tom, as I have often said,
How said we’re both so short in bed.
If only we had taller been,
And touched God’s cuff, His hem,
We would not have to sleep away and go with them
Who’ve gone before,
A billion give or take a million boys or more
Who, short as we, stood tall as they could stand
And hoped by stretching thus to keep their land,
Their home, their hearth, their flesh and soul.
But they, like us, were standing in a hole.

O, Thomas, will a Race one day stand really tall
Across the Void, across the Universe and all?
And, measured out with rocket fire,
At last put Adam’s finger forth
As on the Sistine Ceiling,
And God’s great hand come down the other way
To measure Man and find him Good,
And Gift him with Forever’s Day?
I work for that.

Short man, Large dream. I send my rockets forth between my ears,
Hoping an inch of Will is worth a pound of years.
Aching to hear a voice cry back along the universal Mall:
We’ve reached Alpha Centauri!
We’re tall, O God, we’re tall!

Ray Bradbury.
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Aurelio Tinio

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Aurelio Tinio

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Yikes! As I try to pay for one of the few, maybe the only decent Yahoo service (Flickr Pro renewal subscription) I get an error with wallet:

When I try to report the error, I get another error with the help desk:

A lot of hard work ahead for +Marissa Mayer and truly wish her all the best of luck. Since at this point, it seems like this company is completely FUBARed.
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Aurelio Tinio

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Really excited for this movie, great concept from Disney.
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