Are you interested in methods for improving Yoga student safety? The safety of students can be improved by encouraging open and forthright communication, between a Yoga teacher and his or her students. Whether or not a student is new to your class, encouraging open lines of communication is of paramount importance when you are guiding a student through a series of physical postures and pranayama exercises. Over the course of weeks, months or years, a student’s physical and emotional health may shift and change with various experiences in life. By encouraging open communication, you will be able to guide your students in their practice through your professional feedback and recommendations.

For instance, if one of your students has just found out that she is pregnant, you may want to recommend that she attend a prenatal Yoga class, rather than continuing with her Ashtanga Yoga practice for the duration of her pregnancy. Similarly, if one of your students has recently undergone a surgical procedure, you may want to find out more information about your student’s current recovery process, and to obtain authorization from his or her doctor, before allowing your student to continue with an advanced beginner or intermediate Yoga class.

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