A well-rounded, regular practice of asanas, meditation practices and pranayama exercises can provide a verdant setting for both personal and professional transformation, especially if you are a certified Yoga teacher. Of course, in the same way that your own personal Yoga journey has transformed your life, the practice is also replete with the potential to transform your students’ lives. A regular Yoga practice can offer students and teachers alike a deep and profound understanding of their way of moving through the world and the necessary steps to take, in order to truly maximize their own individual potential and create a life, which honors their deepest dreams. 

One way that a balanced, regular practice of asanas, pranayama exercises and contemplative meditation techniques catalyzes personal transformation, is the ability of the practice to illuminate false pretenses and to bring into our awareness any physical and emotional areas that may need some tender loving care and extra fortification. For example, you may have noticed in your own practice that you had to strengthen your upper body, in order to hold Handstand in the middle of the room for several minutes without duress. In the same way, your Yoga students may need to strengthen their own upper torsos and arms, in order to fluidly move in and out of Upward Facing Dog, while still maintaining correct alignment in the posture. 

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