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* Modifications for Cobra and Upward Facing Dog Poses    

Both Cobra and Upward Facing Dog pose elongate the entire front side of the torso, including the neck, throat and shoulder areas. However, both poses do put quite a bit of pressure on the wrists. To practice the modified version of these postures, have your Yoga students come to a prone position on their mats. A prone position that puts no pressure on the wrists is Modified Cobra Pose. In this posture, the student enters into the same position as if he or she were going to practice Cobra Pose with the hands to the side of the breast bone. However, in the modified version simply have your student gently raise the torso off the floor while keeping the hands hovering a few inches off of the mat. 

The student may only be able to come off the floor a few inches off the Yoga mat. This is fine. This posture will deeply release tension in the thoracic spine, shoulders and the upper part of the front of the torso. Another option for modifying both Cobra and Upward Facing Dog is Sphinx Pose. In this posture, the arms are bent and the weight of the body rests on the elbows, instead of the hands. This ensures that there is minimal impact on the wrist joints.
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