Jakarta's car-free Sunday reduced yet expanded

Has Jakarta's car-free day been scaled back or actually extended? At the beginning it was once a month for almost the entire day, then it was reduced to half a day but made twice a month, now it's every Sunday but only five hours a day.

Overall it's more hours per month but fewer hours per day. Not sure if it's a good thing or not. Thing is people aren't likely to spend an entire day outdoors on the street with the sun being so hot as it is and if nobody's out after midday, the streets will be empty and people will complain about not being able to go anywhere because the streets are closed. Having a car-free day that only lasts until 11 am is ridiculous though, an insult to the term.

I guess it comes down to the kinds of activities people would do on the streets when the cars are removed. The economic impact of having no cars in the city's primary lanes for an entire day is undoubtedly enormous but I wonder if it would be possible to have it minimized or even substituted by having open air markets along certain stretches of Sudirman. I also wonder if the government would replan the city to accommodate and encourage walking/cycling (LMAO who am I kidding? )

But seriously, I think they should have kept it at least until midday though, instead of only until 11 am.

Of course, this has yet to delve into the issue of pedestrian access, the reimplementation of proper zoning, the short and long term economic loss and benefits, the environmental impacts, and so on.

I think what it comes down to is whether the government and businesses are willing to bear the brunt of a short term economic loss in favor of a long term gain. Given the prevailing attitude, it's unlikely.
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