White PPL Curry
Curried Nepalese Chicken Recipe
Link: http://goo.gl/Az7aBr

This recipe, while it does admittedly smell and taste delicious when cooked; is completely made up.  The back story to the origins of the recipe found at the link above is mostly fictitious and like it's gloriously aromatic product is a gentle blend
of fact and fiction to bring a believable explanation to the origins of 'White PPL sauce' for anyone that can't be bothered reading it in its entirety.

In short if you don't read the whole thing you may never discover the link to this explanation that it is a tongue in cheek mock-up!

The recipe was created and intended mostly for poking fun at this news article which demonstrates the incredible proportions the most dull things can be blown out to in today's media landscape: 


My Disclaimer:
I was born in PNG to a Papuan Mother and Scottish father.  Some straight talkers who meet me call me "the whitest PNG boy I've ever seen" I don't take it as an insult, after all it's true.

Coming from an ethnically diverse part of the world my friends (of all colours) and I have never taken issue with being called the colour of our skin.  It's a fact that can't be changed and one you should be comfortable with.

Increasingly people seemingly pick out every opportunity to be outraged; the world is turning into a quagmire of precious egos opting to play race & gender cards at the slightest excuse.

I can't help but shake my head, laugh and poke fun at it all in the hope that some of us still just get real, smile, get on with life and stop complaining.  It is after all healthier for your heart!  Live long, prosper, send me some REAL curry recipes because I love them and can't get enough.

PS if you do like the recipe let the world know there IS a White PPL Curry
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