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Audun Løvlie
Nihilstic misanthropist of doom… I enjoy cigarettes, good whisky and roleplaying games
Nihilstic misanthropist of doom… I enjoy cigarettes, good whisky and roleplaying games


As the closing down of G+ is announced, here's an Expanse RPG group for anyone migrating to MeWe:

The Expanse RPG community has also made its move:

The FFG Star Wars RPG community has re-established itself on MeWe:

Hullo peeps!

As some of you may already know G+ is shutting down, over the next 10 months (

Thanks for participating in this community. It'll remain up as long as G+ stays up.

It's been a fun ride!

Yay! Funded, including new fiction! Wohooo!

So the last adventure is unlocked. Exciting.

Now, I hope we get to 300k and perhaps some additional stretch goals between that and the 400k goal.

Not that I need it, but it would satisfy others, and increase the likelihood of reaching the 400k goal, which is a sweet goal as far as I'm concerned!

Considering their choice no more physical stretch goals, what would be cool goals?

I think someone mentioned printable deck plans, that is quite a bit of work though - depending on how it's done, and who does them.

Other ideas for non-physical stretch goals? Not including more books, as we know these are planned and are coming down the line.

I'm guessing that there won't be many more (perhaps 2 or 3, but who knows), which would make this the first KS I participated in that isn't overreaching.

Which is refreshing.

Now that all the career books are done and shipping. What do you think we will see next? And what are your hopes and fears?

I know this is pure speculation, but would you like to see more or revised career books? More adventures? Sector books? Themes?

Cross-post from Facebook group ( ):So, we're getting a bunch of new world information, if anything can be gleaned from the James S.A. Corey video on the kickstarter, and from the following tweet: it seems they're writing up stuff about the setting specifically for this game, about all three cultures. That is pretty wicked!

And we're getting a foreword, which is just ace.

Now, while that is exciting, for some of us, it is perhaps not as exciting as a campaign - or more precisely, a series of linked adventures that combine into a short (medium?) length campaign.

While few may run them as is, perhaps I'm all wrong about that and a lot of people will (I don't know), adventures are always good, and useful to get an idea of how the designers intend their games and systems to run and tell stories. Having no experience with AGE myself, that is going to be useful to me.

Having watched The Expanse, I know a bit about what kind of stories they tell, but I'm only now getting into the first book properly, which I'm sure will be a different experience and present variant takes on events. Looking forward to that.

Anyone else had a close look at the quickstarter yet?

I think I've found some issue with the pre-made PCs - they all have the same damage die for Brawl, whereas one of them has a talent that states that this talent makes them better at hitting things unarmed ... yet the damage die is the same all over.

Anyone able to provide some insight? Someone with more experience with AGE perhaps that can shed some light on it?

Anyway. Excited! 🤘

Welcome to this community!

Whether fans of the novels or the television show, as long as you're a RPGer, this is the place for you!

I'm a long-time GM, and sometime roleplayer, myself. I'm very excited about this game, as I love the television series, and I am enjoying the first book.

I don't think this has been discussed or asked before, in this particular community at least (nothing came up when I used the search function).

Babylon 5.

We need a new B5 RPG, and I think Modiphius' 2d20 system could work perfectly, given the right tweaks and adjustments.

Given that this isn't likely to happen, because [reasons], I'll just have to go for a hack.

What would be your preferred 2d20 iteration to use as a starting point for such a hack?
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