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Audun Løvlie
Nihilstic misanthropist of doom… I enjoy cigarettes, good whisky and roleplaying games
Nihilstic misanthropist of doom… I enjoy cigarettes, good whisky and roleplaying games

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Noob question: you take 1 wound when taking 5+ vigour (after soak) or when reaching 0 vigour. Then let's say another enemy hits you while your vigour is 0. What then? Does any damage (1+) that goes through soak inflict 1 more wound?

Ran the Free RPG day module at my FLGS today. (Spoiler warning?)

We had tons of fun. I have tried the game once before (the quick starter) so didn't need to read up on the rules.

The adventure is pretty straight forward and railroady, but that's almost a boon when it comes to in-store gaming like this.

They follow the rails, but were creative and the laughter from our table hopefully inspired the other groups ... but more likely it disturbed them.

I thought I was pressed for time, so the exploration of the city was done a bit superficially and too quickly, yet it was a good final scene. They managed to escape Kutallu, offing the cultist leader, and saving the damsel.


How do you deal with "critical hits"? I mean, as far as I've understood they don't exist in this game as such. Yet, I was wondering about chopped off limbs and other nasty stuff that could happen that isn't insta-death, yet debilitating and even fatal, whether shortly or in a long time, you know, punctured lungs, ruptured spleen, internal bleeding ... stuff like that.

When and how do you apply these effects, if at all...?

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Anyone know if FL has released a downloadable zip/rar with PDFs of the player handouts for the Genlab Alpha campaign?

Hey all!

I was wondering what kind of music you use in your games, if you use music.

I need some inspiration for my up-coming Genlab Alpha game, and any pointers to nice post-apocalyptic music for a game with mutated animals would be great. :) 

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Are roles from Genlab Alpha and Year Zero intended to be interchangeable? Like a rabbit Boss, or mutant Healer.

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Finally received them books (MY0 and MGA)! Bumped and ruined, so that sucks (have been in contact with FL, things have been worked out.)

But man! The content. The design. Excitement!

Also, the GM screen is swish, but wrong format, much prefer the Coriolis one, but hey, can't have everything. It's full of useful stuff and is definitely a must.

Note on the GM Screen: I find it odd, but cool, that the art isn't centred.

Can't wait to test this game!
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