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What to Wear to a Mom/Daughter Playdate!

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What do you think of these outfits for a playdate?

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Work Life Balance
Is it possible? I used to try SO HARD to make it possible.
But with age, comes wisdom and you quickly realize it’s just not going to happen - not regularly and not the way you (perhaps) want it.
Running a business, 5 kids, husband, managing the household… it’s a lot of balls in the air.
Somedays I’m a great mom.
Somedays I’m a great wife.
Somedays I‘m a great business woman.
Somedays I’m a great friend, daughter, niece, etc.
The day that all these worlds merge together is an EPIC ONE. It never, ever happens.
One of my dear friend’s just recently told me it’s not about the balance, it’s about the BLEND.
Blending your worlds, not trying to balance all of them.
I’m talking about this today on the blog, love to hear your thoughts!

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Easter is coming! Are you ready!?
Let BJ's Wholesale Club be your one-stop destination for the holiday! They'll have you covered from feast to dressing to baskets! Check out how I put together a FULL Easter Feast for my family of 7 for under $100! Yes, under $100! #AD 

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Look what is FINALLY here!!!
SING Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD!!!
Check out why we love it, we need it and we will be watching every single day!!! #SingMovie #SingSquad #AD 

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Indoor Waterpark FUN!!!
This video has it all!!!
Underwater video, FlowRider Surfing, Wave Pool and meeting the cast at Kalahari Resorts!! So much fun and such a great place to experience with your family or with friends.
We were hosted. #HOSTED

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Indoor Waterpark Extravaganza at Kalahari Resorts - Day 1
We hit the waterpark in the evening, but I didn't have my phone on me to take videos - tomorrow when I posted, I grabbed my GoPro with the waterproof case!!!!! GET READY!!!!!!!!

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Calling Out Daddy on a Man Cold AND Almost Back to Normal
We're a but better in the house, it's not always fun being sick.
My husband totally tried to "call out" Victoria as a joke with her cold and she gave it right back! Love this girl!

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The perfect Little Black Dress for moms.
Go on... see what I can hold while wearing this one! :) 

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Sometimes you can't escape it. The flu.
It has hit the house hook line and sinker.
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