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Websites for People Who Make Music
Websites for People Who Make Music

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Inspired by one page themes, Ovation helps you create a well-considered, immersive website that extends beyond just the homepage. Highlights include a front page section layout, media-rich header, and parallax-like scrolling effect. #DIYMusican

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A unique, mosaic inspired #WordPress theme for creating the engaging, media-rich content required for #band and #musician websites. Merchato integrates seamlessly with the number one #eCommerce plugin on the planet, #WooCommerce, and the number one musician focused plugin in the industry, #AudioTheme. #DIYMusician

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How to use custom sidebars and widget visibility settings in #WordPress to organize your site. Learn to control which widgets are shown on specific pages.

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Our recommended #WordPress plugins for #band websites. This list of plugins will help add key features to your WordPress site that #musicians use on a daily basis.

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We recently analyzed nearly 500 random #music websites for professional bands to better understand what tools they’re using to enhance their careers and try to determine the best #ecommerce platform based on what actual #musicians are using.

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Wayfarer is a #WordPress theme for the drifters and the dreamers and the storytelling #singers that want a website as spectacular as their #music.

Striking images, versatile featured content blocks, and deliberate Customizer options work together to help you create something as adventurous as you.

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AudioTheme Agent 1.2.0 includes a number of improvements to make it even easier to get help when working with our themes and plugins.

Priority Support

It’s now possible to submit support tickets directly from your admin panel. When you visit the AudioTheme Agent screen, you’ll see a new “Help” tab with a form to send us an email directly.

Child Theme Generator

We recommend using a child theme any time you want to customize your WordPress site. In fact, we’ve always included sample child themes in our theme guides, but it still required downloading the child theme and uploading it to WordPress — something the AudioTheme Agent was supposed to alleviate.
With this latest release, you can automatically generate a child theme for any of our themes that you have installed. Once you’ve created a child theme, you’ll instantly see links to preview the theme or access the built-in editor to begin customizing CSS.

Helpful Links

Each product listing also includes helpful links directly to the documentation for that product as well as its change log so you can see what changes were made between each release.
The new version is available via automatic updates or can be downloaded in your account on

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Your music is your art. The realized expression of your creativity, emotion, and hard work. It’s what makes you stand out. It’s your product. It’s only natural that you want to protect it.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that you need to consider anything posted online for preview to be publicly accessible. It can be copied in one way or another and can’t be completely prevented.

With this in mind, our recent blog post covers methods you can use to help protect you #music using #WordPress.

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Ever wonder how often your music is played? We just launched Cue Pro for #WordPress to let you know!

Cue Pro is an add-on for our popular Cue playlist management plugin. It provides insight in to how visitors are interacting with your tracks, including:

* Number of plays
* Number of listeners
* Number of tracks listened to
* Plays per day over a 7 day or 30 day period
* Plays per track, including a breakdown of how often the entire track was listened to or whether it was skipped
* Compare track performance to the previous period
Pages where visitors interact with your players
* It even collects stats for native WordPress audio players and playlists!

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Singer songwriter +Sam Newton Music is a storytelling #folkmusician‬ from #Sydney‬ who takes full advantage of traditional #country‬ and #blues foundations to build both free wheelin’ and carefully constructed songs. A staple in the #Australian‬ Alt-Country scene, his hooks and poignant ‪#‎lyrics‬ will stay with you long after the music finishes.

We recently caught up with Sam to learn more about the types of songs he writes, how he writes songs, who his influences are, where he draws ‪#inspiration‬ and why he highly recommends AudioTheme for serious ‪#musicians‬... ‪
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