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Audiology of Nassau County | Dr. Barbara Rosen, Au.D. ; Dr. Stefanie Wolf, Au.D.
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Why WE Follow Best Practices
Audiology of Nassau County adheres to Best Practices

The landscape for hearing health care has changed dramatically over the past 35 years. This ever evolving profession has undergone legislative changes that prior to 1978 would not permit qualified audiologists to fit hearing aids for their patients, to laws, decades later, requiring that all audiologists entering the field hold a doctorate degree.  And while the profession has seen many positive changes that have augmented the professional scope of the practitioner resulting in better hearing and improved lifestyle for more patients, there is also a vagueness regarding hearing care standards that baffle both patients and some physicians.

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An elephant never forgets... a voice:

A new study finds that elephants are able to differentiate between ethnicities and genders, and can tell an adult from a child - all from the sound of a human voice.

Researchers also said that the animals showed more fear when they heard the voices of adult Masai men.
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"Like" this Facebook post: (sorry! we can't do sweepstakes in google+) and you will be automatically entered to win a pair of Westone Custom Musicians Ear Plugs! Your choice of color and level of filter attenuation. Perfect for musicians, and concert and party goers. Westone ear plugs protect your hearing while maintaining precision sound fidelity. 

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"On average, men begin to lose their hearing in high frequencies, 3 to 6 kiloHertz, during middle age, probably due to a variety of factors, but especially due to noise-induced hearing loss," he said. "Women, on average, have fairly well-preserved hearing in the higher frequencies, which are critical for understanding speech in noisy environments, until after reaching age 65 or 70 when they begin to experience a steady decline."

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Untreated Ear Infections are Leading Cause of Hearing Loss in Children

A new World Health Organization (WHO) survey reveals that over five percent of the world’s population - 360 million people - are hearing impaired.

The results of a study of 76 countries in regions most affected by hearing loss - Asia Pacific, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa - were released to coincide with March 3 International Ear Care Day. 

The UN agency reports that about half of all cases of hearing loss can be easily treated or prevented. However, only 32 of these countries have programs to prevent and treat hearing loss and most countries studied do not have the capacity to prevent and care for the problem.

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Great Read! 
Derrick Coleman, the Seattle Seahawks fullback, is not the first deaf player to compete in the N.F.L., but he will be the first to play in the Super Bowl.

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Only 2 weeks left to enter and win your own custom musician ear plugs!
Your choice of color and level of filter attenuation. 
Perfect for musicians, and concert and party goers!

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"One moment, Lucile Ross, sitting in a highchair, is happily chomping on a fistful of Cheerios. The next, she's grabbing her ear, looking up wide-eyed in surprise at the grownups in the tiny room.

Lucile, 1, who is severely hearing impaired, obviously just heard something."

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In 1986 when Dr. Barbara Rosen opened her private practice, B.R. Audiology & Counseling Center (later Audiology of Nassau County), the philosophy was the same then as it is now…to provide a nurturing environment, compassionate care, and an understanding of the complexities of the auditory mechanism.

Comprehensive diagnostic procedures, cerumen (wax) management, tinnitus management and tests that measure each individual’s unique ability to understand speech in noise are some of the available services. Using state of the art equipment, aural rehabilitation and counseling techniques, Dr. Rosen and her associate Dr. Wolf, guide patients through the maze of complex information that can be disarming to the uninitiated: understanding audiograms, collaborating to choose the proper hearing devices, assisting with earmold choices, offering assistive listening device decisions and providing repair strategies for obtaining the optimal experiences given the patient’s residual hearing and choice of hearing device.

Their reputation for patience, a dash of humor and occasional hand holding, helps patients as they navigate towards improved hearing. The office is warm and friendly and family members are encouraged to attend not only the initial appointment but all the follow up sessions. Family members accompany the patient into the test suite and are part of the rehabilitation process.

Attention to detail takes time and at Audiology of Nassau they pride themselves on providing adequate time for testing procedures and for attending to each patient’s concerns, anxieties and expectations. Appointments are conveniently scheduled and allow for testing, history taking, and discussion of the findings. Reports are prepared and dispatched promptly.

The office employs “best practices” as outlined by the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) including, verification techniques and outcome measures. Infection control is maximized with disposables or cold sterilization. Overall good health practices are encouraged and the office provides hearing conversation information and ear protection devices.

Goals of Audiology of Nassau County include but are not limited to, a short term quality experience, and a long term commitment to patients’ needs in the years to come.

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