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Mr. Collins (DaddyWarbucks#3979)
True Blue Collar, Christian Carpenter.
True Blue Collar, Christian Carpenter.

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Decent site if you get past the advert's.

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This is a fact! It would make new JOB's, there would be a select few, as what's needed by regulations, in order to build both of the concepts (Wind/Solar) anywhere. What would really help is remove many many regulations, thus affording "Anyone" to embark into this endeavor, so everyone can compete.

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There are people posting "Public" RANTS (Like you Rod Mesa!) who have their post set to take NO "Comments" from the same public their posting to.

This is called, a "One Sided Opinion", the person "Posting" this rant, wants NO outside comments on their opinion.
My question to these people is:

What are you afraid of, are you afraid you may be wrong, and don't want anyone to post negative comments about your own "One Sided View?"

Listen, most of us have our own opinions, especially when it comes to any one of these three subjects:
Religion, Politics, or Sports.
However, if you refuse to take outside comments on your own opinions, this just shows everyone your wrong.
(feel free to comment on any one of my post!)

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I have a question to every State Leader (Governors) in the South, from North Dakota to Texas, (North to south) and all states to the east of this line. "If a fellow "Countryman" had a solution to the Money problems for these States, and the programs they have, (School, farming, ranching, Medical, and federal taxing.) Would you want to listen and consider allowing your populus to vote on the decision?"

There is an easy remedy to solve these troubles, it has been done for over 7,000 years of man's history, and it does NOT require slavery..
I admit, the solution is easy, but to implement it into action is a little time consuming, but the people of our States are intelligent enough to make it work, in just a few years, after all, they would be voting on this issue. Best part of it all, you do not have to pay (or collect a tax,) to give to Uncle Sam!

Here is a hint!

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Over 11K rated 5 star, wow! Is this good?

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This is the Leader of "Online Shopping" in today's market. Yes, is the Big Dawg in the internet shopping market, passing all the other competition, for a reason. They give the public, what the public wants. If they don't have it, you can present your "Want's" on a nifty page they have made, and be assured they will find it! (They have for me!) I have read some information claiming, they intend to have there own "Chain Stores" one day in the future, even some Ideas of a "Robotic Air Mail Delivery" system! (Check, Huston Texas!) It's this persons belief that if Amazon Thinks about it, commits to it, that it WILL happen.
I highly recommend Amazon as your "Go to" place, to get what your looking for!

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Remember when windows 95 was the newest OS? This Video is on the Original disk!

If your going to POST questions, have the decency to allow comments. A ONE sided opinion, is biggitory. (Look it up!)
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