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This is the Leader of "Online Shopping" in today's market. Yes, is the Big Dawg in the internet shopping market, passing all the other competition, for a reason. They give the public, what the public wants. If they don't have it, you can present your "Want's" on a nifty page they have made, and be assured they will find it! (They have for me!) I have read some information claiming, they intend to have there own "Chain Stores" one day in the future, even some Ideas of a "Robotic Air Mail Delivery" system! (Check, Huston Texas!) It's this persons belief that if Amazon Thinks about it, commits to it, that it WILL happen.
I highly recommend Amazon as your "Go to" place, to get what your looking for!
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If your going to POST questions, have the decency to allow comments. A ONE sided opinion, is biggitory. (Look it up!)
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Electricity bills are a thing of the past at Power to the People, a modern zero-energy housing complex in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. Swedish firm Street Monkey Architects designed the gabled solar-powered homes using passive-house techniques and modular prefabrication. A clean and minimalist palette of wood, metal, and white-painted surfaces lends a touch of industrial elegance to the homes.

Power to the People’s seven solar-powered row houses are set on the end of two dead-end streets that run east to west. The architects connected the two streets with a gravel road, a move that they describe as “the most important decision” they made since it increased walkability to and visibility of the adjoining neighborhood streets and forest trailheads. Passive solar principles and a desire to maximize views of the park to the west informed the row homes’ gabled form.
Each home is equipped with 20 solar panels, the maximum number of solar panels allowed by the municipality, installed on the south-facing roofs. The minimalist and modern interior matches the facade and is injected with a bit of “elegant industrialism.” Power to the People’s prefab units successfully sold out within two weeks of being put on the market in 2015.
Street Monkey Architects designed Power to the People, a series of gabled solar-powered homes using passive-house techniques and modular prefabrication.
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Visit our page, sign up, become a member, and you can find important information on how to play to win, grow your characters Level, get Weapons, and much more.
Stop playing with your self! Join us, and play together! Have fun! - Hosted by Shivtr
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Join us here, the game is provided by TRION, and it's "Free to Play" if you want to download and install, there are many who will help you throughout the game..
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Remember when windows 95 was the newest OS? This Video is on the Original disk!
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I recommend!
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Visit TWITCH to watch gamers videos to your favorite game!
The world’s leading video platform and community for gamers
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Join us on Star Trek Online, also "Free to Play" from ARC!
Star Trek Online
Welcome to the first Google+ Star Trek Online Community
View community
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True Blue Collar, Christian Carpenter.
I am a simple man, Carpenter by trade, Love Jesus, Dogs, Elderly, and children, true American patriot, who enjoys outdoors, learning, and living.
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I have worked in Construction of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial, for a collective of 30+ years..
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I prefer Carpentry skilled Jobs,
So many, I have to round it down to, Carpenter. (Jack of all trades!)
  • Self
    Carpentry/Maintenance, 1980 - present
    I have a Tax payer ID, and have worked many years (on and off, from time to time,) for my self, and larger company's over the years. I prefer Carpentry skilled Jobs, such as Apartment Maintenance, but I am open for new Ideas. I have worked as a driver for "Renzenberger" driving BNSF conductors and engineers employees to and from the Train. I also do many Jobs on the side, I do not charge the huge amounts so many others do, as I only offer the "Service" of repairing, so the customer can save $100's to $1,000's by not having to pay for things they can do them selves. (Buy the parts/materials needed, I provide the knowledge and labor.) I pay my own Insurance, taxes, so there is no double tax being paid by the customer. What do I do? If you read my RESUME you can get a good Idea of what I am able to do. Currently, I only offer "Residential" services, so if you own a home, (or are a Realtor,) and are in need of home repairs, it would be in your favor to contact me for a simple bid on what your property needs. Unlike so many businesses, I do not have such a high overhead that I have to charge so much more, just to stay in business.
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