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Are you watching? (We're leading.)

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Not a surprise at all. Let's take it to the line. Audi ftw...
Major bummer for Toyota! Would have been great to see the two teams battle it out! 
you guys should do this with video games when you can't race for real
actually just always race for real... that'd be even better. a constant race, like mars training style
YES!  Pos 1,2 and 3!  #3 gotta catch up and get that LOLA outta here!
Had a Merc and was glad to get rid of it; brother had a BMW and he hated it; Audi ain't perfect, but it'll be hard for me to go another car manufacturer.  Audi knows how to win races AND how to make awesome cars.  Go Audi, kick ass....AGAIN!  
I've been watching online for the past four hours. Magnificent work there, Audi.  Just awesome stuff.
Been watching all day.  I'm hoping for a 1-2-3-4 finish!  Has that been done at Le Mans before?
This is an awesome photo!
Congrats on a 1-2-3 finish!
lov it guys gud job kip it up.
no man i didnt watch anyting tel me what happened?
no i didnt watch it tel me who won
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