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No words necessary #valentinesday
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Fantastic ad! It says so much without saying much at all.
First thought was not Audi, but that they were saying that swingers = Love. First rule of advertising is make sure your message is clear. And to be clear myself I NEITHER want an Audi or to be a swinger. Happy V-Day everyone.
I took it as the Audi community has a stronger bond with their automobiles than a conventional marriage. They love the product, they love being a part of the Audi tribe.
Now I'm laughing My behind off. The reason why is because this is advertisement is a little marketing fail; To be a little more clear of what i mean by that is its just screaming * Polygamy * at me.
[ marriage which includes more than two partners ]

+David Wilson Just checked if anyone else thought the same as what i did, your reaction was the one closest to what came into my mind.

Lets call this an Audi fail shall we. Somebody ought to be demoted at the Audi USA office.
I'm so I read it the way Audi probably intended.
I always said monogamy was not the way to go. Thanks for supporting this Audi.
I think you have to actually own an Audi to get the message. That's okay with me... really just see...loving your Audi more than marriage. Which I do...!
wow. surely this was not intentionally about swinging or polygamy. marketing fail.
If two rings is marriage, is the four rings plural marriage?
"Interpretation is Free." - Umberto Eco. [/waves at griefers and "Creative" types]
Are you sure its love? or just a swingers party? {^__^}
"No words needed", apart from "Marriage" and "Love".
Can't argue with that!

+Varsha Gopal, the two rings represents a marriage between a husband and wife. The four rings represent the love between every man and his audi.
Still waiting for my new Audi. So no love from me.
Seven months and no end visible. Next time I order from an other manufacturer.
Wow great concept, I think the Audi marketing department is doing its work.
"even if you have a small dick, you can still get love with an Audi" is what they actually meant.
Is Audi saying that polygamy is love?
One more ring and they will be ready for the Olympics
Right..because love basically comes down to material things.
This ad represents everything that is wrong with Valentine's day.
LOOOL now this I can interprete in sooo many different ways!
don't know what Audi's marketer is thinking
How to distinguish and how to get the meaning of 4 rings?
OK! 2 rings is clear for marriage. 
But, don't understand 4 rings for love.
+Hein Min Aung   its you and your wife and two kids :D imagination can sometimes guide you out of confusion :P

"So an Audi is a Foursome....?" +Jarrett Viczko   yup, that's why I'm getting one if the Tesla Model S remains at that steep entrance price.
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