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Why did I sign up for this shit.
Why did I sign up for this shit.

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I'm in the middle of reading "Getting To Yes" and it's reacting with Joe Hewitt's recent blog post in my brain.

If we view the Web as a social construct--the product of a negotiation--then its very strength lies in the fact that all the major players were brought together, solved some very big problems concerning their core interests, and arrived at a solution. If instead they were given a piece of source code and told to distribute it with their OS or hardware device--well, it would be kind of like saying that one country should be the arbiter of international law. Nobody would listen and everyone would just go their own way.

The Web's strength and weakness lies in the fact that it's the product of a multilateral negotiation. It inherently moves slower than technology products that aren't the product of such negotiations, but it's also far more universal as a result.

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I recently made "The Parable of The Hackasaurus", which is a game-like attempt to make web-hacking easy to learn through a series of simple puzzles in the context of a story.

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I have had my fill of Django and its complexities. I am just using PHP for my simple server-side needs now, and it is Good Enough.

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This is a Torontonian's idea of a joke. It's not funny in America because it's just the Tea Party stance.

Today I saw a google-served ad for The Economist on, a site full of web-based games for kids. The filter bubble is strangely autistic.

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Wow, this sucks. I was going to install the google+ app on my phone but now I am not.
Oh my God. Google Plus automatically uploaded the photo I took with my phone, automatically, without ever asking my permission. That is the scariest, most fucked up thing a piece of software has done to me in a long time.

Seeing messages about who my friends hung out with is weird.

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Just found out about this project from a 2008 interview with Miranda July in an interesting publication called "Mono-Kultur". I think it's a really simple but amazingly cool use of the Web to create something collaboratively.

I'm having problems with Google Talk/Plus/Mail randomly deciding to "block" some of my best friends. It is extremely frustrating.
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