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We've updated the poll question on our home page in response to a quote made by an Irish Times writer this week. He said that U2 fans "would probably prefer a Greatest Hits tour at this stage" from U2. So our poll question simply asks ... is that what you would prefer? Feel free to comment below, but make sure to cast your vote in the poll widget on!
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Calling it a Greatest Hits tour just feels like defeat...
Agreed. Like there's no gas left in the tank.
Although, I'm a youngster, so at this rate, any chance to see them again at all would be great.
Absolutely not. I'm a newer fan myself, but I would be devastated if I found out they were going to stop making music. I don't think they would want to do it either. Though that's just me guessing.
NLOTH has some great songs on it. Moment of Surrender ranks with some of their best work. Even w/o a catchy top 40ish tune, it still sold 5 million +, & it was a critical success. I think it'll be like "Pop" & grow on people. By no means do I think it's time for a Greatest Hits tour.  
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