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SEO for Lawyers, Physicians & Small Businesses
SEO for Lawyers, Physicians & Small Businesses

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Free Google Adwords Webinar for Attorneys - Hosted by +Chris Dreyer & Google

Do you want to attract new clients to your firm with Adwords?
(without having to spend a fortune on clicks)

Do you want to hear what Google recommends as a cost-effective solution for attorneys to generate more clients.

Sign up for our webinar today! Space is limited.

Event date:
Wednesday, August 10th @ 11 am CST

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SEO is extremely competitive. A big part of ranking well in search is obtaining links from other websites.

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Every transaction has some sort of buying cycle. If you want to sell your services, you need to understand it

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It’s clear that simple decisions often determine whether law firms succeed or fail in online advertising efforts

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Legal directories offer an extremely effective & affordable way for attorneys to advertise on the Internet

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It’s important to note that an SEO’s potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website.

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Advertising legal services on Google is about as competitive as it gets.

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More than 70% of internet users leveraged a search engine to find what they were looking for online

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Of course the list still works great even if you're not an attorney. Read up!

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Quick wins for on-page optimization via Felicia Crawford
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