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Attorney Charlie Hall successfully obtained Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability for a client who was uninsured. Client had worked as a factory worker for years. He injured his back in 2006. After surgery, medical doctors prescribed a specific medication that was effective in blunting his residual pain and arthritis in his back. After successfully returning to work for nearly a decade, he suffered from kidney failure and doctors ordered him to discontinue the back medication. With returning symptoms of severe back pain, client was unable to sustain his factory work. He received Short-Term Disability for a short time, but then lost his health insurance. Once he lost his health insurance, the carrier kicked him off of Short-Term Disability. Attorney Hall filed an appeal and lost. Working with the client, he helped him capitalize on free and reduced medical care in the local community. Then, he assisted client to obtain Medicaid disability, winning on the third appeal. After scoring that victory and building up the client's medical records, Attorney Hall supplemented his brief with new arguments and evidence. This resulted in client securing Long Term Disability Benefits amounting to a life-time award of over $300,000.

Attorney Charlie Hall scored a victory for a Social Security Disability client who was on disability for 18 years when Social Security alleged that he had engaged in substantial gainful activity, removed him off of disability, and alleged that he owed over $75,000. Attorney Hall successfully defended the client before an Administrative Law Judge who agreed that the client had not engaged in substantial gainful activity, put him back on Social Security Disability determined that he did not owe $75,000, and found that Social Security should not have frozen his payments in the first place.

Attorney Charlie Hall won Long Term Disability (ERISA) benefits for a client who suffered from severe depression and anxiety. The onset of the severe mental health issues was sudden. Initially, doctors had thought that she had
a neurological disorder. The client had received Short-Term Disability benefits, but after neurological causes were medically eliminated, she was denied benefits. Attorney Hall developed the case record over a period of several months, identifying key information that the carrier had left out of its analysis. After strengthening and supplementing the medical records, Attorney Hall submitted a legal brief in support of her disability, and was able to obtain benefits for the client with a lifetime award in excess of $450,000.

Attorney Charlie Hall received the 2017 Order of Service award for his commitment to serving the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, its mission, and for giving generously of his time and talent to the organization.

Attorney Charlie Hall won ERISA (Long Term Disability) benefits for his client.

The client is 57 years old, receives Social Security Disability for her Multiple Sclerosis, and was kicked off Long Term Disability after two years. Attorney Charlie Hall filed an appeal in December 2016 and won in January 2017.

Attorney Charlie Hall won a Federal Court victory for his Social Security Disability client.

The client is decorated a war hero, who was injured multiple times while in the line of duty. Despite his injuries on the battlefield, he saved several injured men under his command during the battles. The client was denied Social Security Disability at the agency level four times. Attorney Charlie Hall filed a civil action in Federal Court and obtained a voluntary remand.

Attorney Charlie Hall was invited by the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Foundation to teach an advanced course on Social Security Disability Law to other attorneys. He taught the 2-hour 40-minute program this past October. His well-received course was titled, "Social Security Disability: Essential Tools and Practices for the Seasoned Advocate" and was taught at the 2016 North Carolina Legal Services Conference.

Attorney Charlie Hall received the 2016 Order of Service award for his committment to serving the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, its mission, and for giving generously of his time and talent to the organization.

Attorney Charlie Hall published "Social Security Disability Overpayments: A Primer for Providing a Fee Generating Service" in the October 2016 Trial Briefs, a legal publication of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. The article teaches attorneys how to effectively handle Social Security Overpayments.
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