The #IngressMissionDay in Bonn was awesome. We had lovely sunny spring weather. More than 1.200 agents strolled through the former capital of Germany. I took some pictures of the great places, the awesome agents and some portals too. This is just a short video clip. More pictures will follow soon.

I had two very special moments.

The first was at the mission Regierungsviertel. When I visited the portals in the former government district I remembered my first visit to Bonn. In 1994 I came to the city as a part of a delegation of young people who took part in a legislative simulation (Jugend im Parlament). It was very impressive and intimidating to stand at the speakers desk of the real parliament and to present the results of a simulated committee. This feeling came up again when I stood in front of the building which is now a part of the World Conference Center and the +United Nations Climate Council. It's a lot easier to address the world by social media than in person.

The second special moment was when I met a friend of mine by chance at the World HQ of +Deutsche Post (Posttower). Neither one of us knew that the other one would be in Bonn this day. She spontaniously accompanied me at the mission "Bismarkturm". So I luckily got some "making of" pictures of my near water surface pictures at a lovely pond in the Rheinaue park. I still wasn't successful to recruit her to Ingress. And that's a pity since she commutes between Norway and Germany and would be great for some BAF key transports. Well, if not today, maybe tomorrow... ;-)

#WhereIngresstookmetoday #MDBonn #Ingress +Lizzy N. +Anne Beuttenmüller +Ingress

Thank you Ingress for this experience and special thanks go to the local XF-organization team which took care of everything so so well.
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