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The night is still young, +Aurash Mahbod, +Elizabeth Baxter, and +Ficus Kirkpatrick...  I prefer to start out more slowly.  Cheers!
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Good idea, there is some Rum calling my name right now.....
Yup, it is very good.  Whole Foods stocks Rochefort #6, #8, and #10 in both Cupertino and Campbell.  The brewery in Belgium makes limited quantities available each year, and last year I was personally responsible for exhausting the supply at the Cupertino store by the end of November.
It's a bit hipster for me but I'll plus one it anyway.
Hipster?  It's about as far away from Pabst Blue Ribbon as it is possible for a beer to be. :)
Nice. Saw some at the MTV Whole Foods this morning.