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Amazing video (skip over the intro to 1:50).
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I love the incremental way they build it up. Who was the audience of this tutorial, employees, investors, or the public? It's fairly awesome corporate communication that we don't often see these days. Very educational. Today's car companies will mostly just show you a 10 second computer animation along with sound bite assertions of what it does, without explaining.
It's a slow-news newsreel which would typically be played before feature films at movie houses in the 1930s when there wasn't much news. It was sponsored by, and served as something of a commercial for GM.
I can't even imagine something like that playing for today's audiences, even as a 3 minute trailer.
and yet we will watch it willingly on Google+ if it is "hot" and we can walk away from it as we wish.
great mostly usefull invention for four wheel drive as well as tractors..........!
I suppose companies don't make many videos like this these days partly because everybody's too busy watching Storage Wars but also partly because, if they don't want you to service it yourself, you don't need to know about it. Just a thought. :)
This is fascinating. But why not connect the differential to both axles in order to distribute the weight and the risk of jamming? Why is it always and only on the left side?
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i dint know this was so easy to understand... had to go through tougher explanations earlier... :(
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That was awesome... Until I saw it was a Chevy.
The vedio is really informative,keep up man and thanks
good video........I.Like share..........
amzing..... and very good tutorial video
Always knew the concept, but didn't know exactly how! Great vid
I love how them ye old narrators bellow the explanation at ya. his we can use....for power and water...couple bucks could help countries with limited resources...nice tutorial.
That was a very interesting video. Thanks for posting it. Its not until you see something or think about what went into making something do you really appreciate how smart our early American forefathers were in building this Great Country of ours.
Very informative. Clever. I'm glad Apple doesn't have claim on the patent.
I have learned something this morning.
I always wondered how they worked! Thanks for sharing!!!
It doesn't matter if it's old: I can't see how it can be explained in a better way :) Thanks for sharing!
I love this old "how it works" videos. When I was young I had a set of books from the 1950 with concepts like this explained. It had the same feel, simplistic descriptions that give the fundamental ideas.
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