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Garfield on a chopper
Garfield on a chopper
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mor·al sup·port
noun: moral support
support or help, the effect of which is psychological rather than physical.
psychological, emotional, mental
"moral support"

noun: empathy
the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
early 20th century: from Greek empatheia (from em- ‘in’ + pathos ‘feeling’) translating German Einfühlung .

2016 : WTF?!? No such word.

Best friend. Most polite enemy. Exact same thing... :(

"ABDOMEN, n. The temple of the god Stomach, in whose worship, with sacrificial rights, all true men engage. From women this ancient faith commands but a stammering assent. They sometimes minister at the altar in a half-hearted and ineffective way, but true reverence for the one deity that men really adore they know not. If woman had a free hand in the world's marketing the race would become graminivorous." - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

...I think I have a new favourite quote.

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I bite my lip.
I buy what I'm told:
From the latest hit,
To the wisdom of old.
But I'm always alone.
And my heart is like ice.
And it's crowded and cold
In my secret life...

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This would probably be the equivalent of flag-burning even today. "Sacrilège"! Yet this is exactly where most of us end up, with no hope of escape: "working for some other man" - and yes, truly "one party and another's all the same"...

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Even though I strongly believe in things offered for free and without ANY remuneration, I'm enough of a realist to gladly help support people who create things I enjoy through sites like Patreon. What I do NOT believe in though is rewarding aggressively unashamed nag-begging of the worst kind (via ads literally covering half of my screen) from an organization that does zero percent of the work that makes it actually useful (all editors are volunteers who do not get paid) and can already afford to keep its servers online for more than a decade, sitting on piles of cash of epic size, yet keeps asking for more. Daily.

Yes, I'm talking about Wikipedia - specifically, about the Wikimedia Foundation.

I can guarantee they wont see a fucking dime from me within the next couple of decades - if you care to find out exactly why, just read the link below. I promise it will be quite illuminating. In the mean time, just open your AdBlockPlus (you're using it, right?) and add the following line as a "custom filter":

Peace at last... you can thank me later.

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...and now you know why is it always a white fluffy cat that the evil mastermind keeps stroking.
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