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So… you're going to the Creative Ink Festival later this month in Burnaby, right? Follow them on Twitter here: @creativeinkfest!
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Because prepping for When Words Collide, +Mark Leslie Lefebvre really knows his way around citrus!
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Today and tomorrow are Travel Days for us!

Today (Wednesday), +Mark Leslie — author of I, DEATH — is headed to Calgary, Alberta for the When Words Collide early events he's leading. His book will be pre-launched Saturday afternoon. For more about what he's doing there, head to the link below for a brief run-down.

Thursday sees Mark H. Williams headed to Norton, Massachusetts for MythCon 45, where he’s a finalist for SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS as Best Novel!

Thursday also sees Publisher/Proprietor +Ian Alexander Martin headed to Calgary, Alberta for When Words Collide, to participate in panels and make +Sandra Wickham, +Brian Hades, and Holly D'herty laugh a lot.
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Both When Words Collide in Calgary, Alberta and Mythcon 45 in Norton, Massachusetts will have Atomic Fez's Authors in attendance!

Mythcon: Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, USA, August 8-11

The author of Sleepless Knights, Mark H. Williams, will be attending Mythcon 45. Part of the proceedings of the event is the announcement of the winners of the Mythopoeic Awards, Mr. Williams being a nominee for the "Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature," alongside Yangsze Choo ( The Ghost Bride, William Morrow), +Neil Gaiman ( The Ocean at the End of the Lane, William Morrow), Max Gladstone ( Three Parts Dead, Tor), and Helene Wecker ( The Golem and the Jinni, Harper). Should the winner be Sleepless Knights, it's best to seek Mr. Williams by looking directly at the ceiling to locate him.

Other events and panels Mr. Williams may be involved with / attending at Mythcon 45 are readings and the following panel:

The Inklings and King Arthur
The 2013 publication of The Fall of Arthur complicated the generic complexities of Tolkien’s work: how does Tolkien’s Arthurian poem fit into the palimpsest of Arthurian legends? how does it map onto Middle-earth? How does it interact with Arthurian works by other Inklings? This panel represents The Inklings and King Arthur, an upcoming academic collection edited by Sørina Higgins. The panelists discuss Lewis, Tolkien, Williams, Barfield, Arthurian source materials, MacDonald, and Chesterton.
--Panelists: Chris Gaertner, Yannick Imbert, Cory Lowell Grewell, Benjamin Shogren, Brenton D. G. Dickieson, Sørina Higgins (Moderator).

WWC: Carriage House Inn, Calgary, Alberta, August 8-12

Attendees of the 4th Annual When Words Collide can rub elbows with such luminaries as the author of I, Death, +Mark Leslie Lefebvre, who is also a Guest of Honour; and Chris Rothe, the author of Dirk Danger Loves Life. While Mr. Leslie’s schedule is easily followed on the event’s site – for the panels and presentations he is participating in are numerous – Mr. Rothe’s are equally easy: look for the young man wearing flippers and other snorkelling equipment, or possibly making dinosaur noises.

Atomic Fez’s Publisher /​ Proprietor, Ian Alexander Martin is also attending, and during the event will be participating in the following panel discussions (subject to change) explaining how Everyone Else is Very Very Wrong (this, sadly, is subject to inevitability):

You can write the greatest novel ever written, but you still need to get it into the hands of a publisher. Our panel tells you how.
— BLENDING SF AND FANTASY (Saturday, 10am)
The world of Science Fiction is one extended from the principles of known science; the Fantasy world is based in unknowable magic. There was a time when never the twain could meet, but writers love to break down this barrier. Can they? Should they? Are there examples where this hybrid has worked? Are there spectacular failures?
Who VS That. Who VS Whom. The apostrophe goes where? And what does subjunctive mean, anyway? Bring your grammar questions for our Grammar Gurus to debate, debunk, and decipher. Be prepared to take notes.
Novels Publishers and editors discuss industry trends, their working relationship with authors and agents, the impact of ePublishing on their business, and other questions raised from the audience.
The popularization of eReaders, such as the Kobo and Kindle reader, has changed the way books are read and has caused major upheavals in the publishing industry. This panel looks at some of the ramifications for readers, authors, and publishers, with special attention to issues that remain in flux.

Between those points in the schedule, have a look in the Merchants’ Room near the table with EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing books on it, because that’s where you’ll also find copies of Atomic Fez’s books; including copies of I, Death, freshly created for WWC, and only available there! Attend the launch at 3pm on Saturday and witness the author read words aloud!

You can probably also find Atomic Fez’s Publisher /​ Proprietor in the pub with a pint of beer in his hand. Failing that, have a look under one of the tables; you might be rewarded for helping him to his room.

Thankfully the Atomic Fez Flying Wing [ artist’s impression at bottom of post ] is going through final air-​​worthiness checks so as to be ready to whisk those involved thither and yon in the pursuit of spreading the good news of books!! The Publisher /​ Proprietor is looking forward to spending much of his time in #15 and #16, so as to properly receive other passengers as some are picked-​​up here, others are dropped off there, and so on.

Eagle's idea of 1949 Northrop Flying Wing
Artist’s impression of Northrop Flying Wing, c.1949 [Illustration originally by L. Ashwell Wood for the comic book Eagle (via XRay Delta on Flickr)]
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Atomic Fez Publishing is happy to announce that +Mark Leslie Lefebvre’s first long-form novel, titled I, Death, will be officially launched as part of When Words Collide in Calgary, Alberta. The “book social” will be held Saturday, August 9th, 2014, at three pm.

Mr. Leslie will be in attendance to read passages from the book (and different from those read during other festival reading events), as well for signing. Copies of the novel be available for purchase at the “book social”, as well as throughout WWC in the ‘Merchants’ Room’ thanks to an agreement with EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and the brains behind the genre-​​house, Brian Hades.

Mr. Leslie is leading a fair bit in pre-​​festival workshop series, mostly in his role as Director of Self-​​Publishing & Author Relations at +Kobo Canada. He’s specifically doing “Marketing Best Practices” Thursday morning, followed by “Hybrid Publishing” in the afternoon. The two sessions promise to be an excellent opportunity for writers of all levels to get an insider’s perspective at the ever-​​shifting landscape of literary publishing, especially during this period; arguably the most anarchic time since Gutenberg made it possible to produce books of guaranteed quality in high volume at a tiny fraction of previous costs.

Space is limited for these two workshops (and may already be full, actually), so e-​​mail them to reserve your seat or add your name to a waiting list.

* Marketing Best Practices (9 AM – 12 PM; Thursday, August 7th)
— 3 hour session limited to 50 seats, and includes topics from pricing, to marketing strategies, to working with eRetailers and local bookstores
* Hybrid Publishing (1PM – 5PM; Thursday, August 7th)
—Traditional or Self Publishing? Choose both. Mark Leslie draws on his experience in the publishing industry to discuss the advantages of each method in this presentation limited to 50 seats

When Words Collide exists to provide an opportunity for the literary community, from readers to writers to publishers, to gather and share information and inspiration. With the belief that different genres have more in common than they have differences, the festival includes content for all types of literature including Mainstream, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Historical, Literary, and non-​​fiction.

WWC 2014 will be held at the Carriage House Inn, 9030 Macleod Trail South, Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to Mr. Leslie, Atomic Fez’s publisher +Ian Alexander Martin will be there; as well as Chris Rothe, the author of Dirk Danger Loves Life.

Join them in the celebration of reading and story-​​telling, won’t you?
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Now available for pre-order, the first long-form novel by +Mark Leslie Lefebvre!! Official release is September/October. For more details, click below or head to
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When Words Collide 2014 registration is full. You can e-mail the organisation to be put on the waiting list if you wish.

Jacqueline Guest YA, Historical
Mark Leslie Kobo Canada (also as an Author)
D. J. McIntosh Mystery
Brandon Sanderson Fantasy
Jack Whyte replaces Diana Gabaldon who is unable to attend.

The Carriage House Inn, Calgary, Alberta
August 8-10, 2014
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Well… this is fun… the file being used for the ARC's text is THE WRONG ONE!!! AIIIIEEEEE!!! cc: @MarkLeslie #LastMinutePanicTweets
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Are you heading to When Words Collide in Calgary come August …? HEY! So is +Mark Leslie Lefebvre and we'll be there with his VERY FIRST NOVEL: I, Death
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