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Website security is one of prime factor to pay attention

It is quite possible that your newly created website is hacked and you have no knowledge and when you discover it you have had compromised a lot of good of your website. You discover it when you put your website in Google and find the message written as “This site may be hacked”. You get dazed and struggle to find the possible reasons of hacking and ways to suspend the hacking chances. If you are not technically skilled you are left helpless and feel need the some expert to tackle the problem.
Here I would mention the possible ways how hackers get access into your website and how can you unhack your website 

Today’s websites get hacked because of three things:
• Access Control
• Software Vulnerabilities
• Third-Party Integrations

Besides this the more likely problem is that you've installed a plugin that has been coded to allow someone to put articles on your website. It’s a pretty common SEO technique, it happens more than you think. If you don’t have a secure server then you may invite hackers to hack your website.

Follow these steps to save your hacked website...
1) Check your site in sucuri, whether site is affected my malware or something
2) Go to you cpanel and take a complete backup of your site
3) If the site is in wordpress update all the plugins and even wordpress(if it is old)
4) Install wordfence plugin to protect from virus, malware etc...
5) Go to Google webmaster tool and check whether your site has any irrelevant links
6) If there is any irrelevant links disavow it
7) Scan the website completely,add CATCHA in contact page
8) After doing all these stuff upload the new website
9) Go to webmaster tool use fetch option
10) Change the password for cpanel,wordpress,and FTP

11) Google has an 8-step program for unhacking your site, which include basics like identifying the vulnerability that was used to compromise your site, as well as how to request a review so Google will remove the dreaded “this site has been compromised” message from

12) If you have SSH enabled on your hosting account - use a key dont use a password.If you are running Wordpress - use Wordfence and on top of that limit access to your wp-login.php via htaccess. Normally the easiest method I've found is to limit based on IP - when my IP updates (mine is set to renew every 90 days approximately) I'll FTP in mod the htaccess and I can once again get access to the login. Also for Wordpress - do not have any users with simple naming strucutres ie admin since these are usually the first onces attempted. Finally, update to a secure password.

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Wordpress is one of the highly used and most popular website creation platforms or you can say content management system as compare to blogger, drupal etc. But by using a WordPress theme or framework, you run the risk of your website looking very similar to another WordPress site built off the same model. We create an outstanding customized wordpress website in better way to stand you out from the crowd.

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Web Design Tips

Presenting information in bite-sized chunks has been inspired by Pinterest and it made designing very creative and presentable. You may say this, separate bundle of content with unified concept or you may say content containers”, Rectangular shape is very easy to arrange for different device breakpoints.
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