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We've added a USCCA Certified Home Defense Course to the calendar for 10/24/15 in Covington, GA. While this is an intermediate class, we will work on refining the basics that we learned in the Fundamentals course as well as cover some of the following topics:

-Home safety plan
-Situational Awareness and Mindsets
-Legal Use of Force in the state of Georgia
-Evaluating your home's security
-Firearm Safety Rules
-Introduction to AR-15 and home defense shotguns
-Ballistics Discussion addressing the issue of over-penetration in a home
-Choosing the correct ammunition for defense of your home
-Flash Sight Picture vs. Sighted Fire
-Low-Light shooting techniques and understanding the way your eye processes light ("night vision" of humans)
-Needed Equipment for Home Defense (I promise this will be enlightening)
-Correct use and defense of "choke points" within your home, how to set them in your advantage
-Cover vs. Concealment
-Use of cover and basic structure clearing

There will be more content covered, but that's a good basis of the curriculum!

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