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Have you been patiently waiting months or even years for a hearing to be scheduled in your #SocialSecuritydisability case, even though the medical evidence supporting your claim for disability is thorough and overwhelming?

Why does #SocialSecurity put you through such hardship when any reasonable person can see that you meet SSA’s definition of #disability?

As I discuss in this video, there are several reasons why even the most compelling cases end up in a long line waiting for a spot on a judge’s docket. Often truly deserving claimants end up waiting and waiting and waiting simply because of the sheer numbers of cases moving through the system and because Social Security is woefully understaffed.

Your attorney can help by keeping the medical record updated and by preparing and submitting a pre-hearing brief and request for on-the-record decision so that when someone in authority does finally look at your file, it will stand out as one deserving of quick action. #ssdi #applyfordisability

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While #backsurgeries such as laminectomies or fusions often result in #painrelief and restoration of function, not all operations are successful. Sometimes the #surgery is technically very difficult and sometimes long delays by the insurance company in authorizing surgery make full recovery less likely.

If surgery has not relieved your pain or helped you recover your physical capacity, your authorized doctor may prescribe other alternatives such as physical therapy, medication pain management or the implantation of a #spinalcordstimulator.

Often, in the world of #Georgiaworkerscompensation, spinal cord stimulators are not the first option because this medical procedure can be complex and very expensive. As I discuss in this video, however, in the right situations, however, spinal cord stimulation can serve as an excellent alternative to other surgeries or long term pain medication.

Continued #backpain and continued loss of function even after surgery adds a layer of complexity to your workers’ compensation claim and you should not attempt to deal with these medical issues alone. If you have concerns about whether an invasive surgery is the right decision for you, or if you just need to know more about less invasive options, I invite you to call me at 770-351-0801. #georgiaworkinjury #workerscompensation

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#Kneeinjuries are often challenged by #workerscompensation insurance companies, because many blue collar employees have had some prior knee problems. However, fully resolved, asymptomatic #knee problem from many years ago should not prevent you from pursuing #workinjury benefits under #georgia law in most cases.

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Have you given much thought to the qualifications or reputation of the medical doctor to whom you entrust your medical care? Most of us are brought up to believe that as a rule, physicians are well educated and motivated to provide quality care. And my experience has been that most doctors want to do their best for you.

However, in my 25+ year career as a workers’ compensation lawyer, I can tell you that not every doctor is the right fit for you and your particular injury in the context of a work injury claim.

Further, the insurance companies that pay for medical care under Georgia’s work injury laws are motivated not by concerns about your long term health needs, but by economic considerations. How fast can they convince a doctor to release you to full duty work, and how inexpensively can they wrap up your workers’ compensation claim.

As I discuss in this video, the medical doctors that accept Georgia workers’ compensation patients run the gamut from emergency care clinicians to industrial clinic doctors to general practice physicians to experienced specialists. Further, some doctors get most of their business from insurance companies and are therefore sympathetic to the insurance industry’s cost cutting concerns.

I offer to my clients the benefits of 25+ years of day to day interaction with the doctors who accept work injury claims. I can advise you when a posted panel doctor is not providing you appropriate care, and I can advise you when we need to insist on a referral to a specialist like a #neurosurgeon or #orthopedist.

You can benefit from the talents of some extraordinary talented medical doctors when we use the law to insist on referrals to these specialists. And quality medical care now can mean a more complete recovery and better health for you in the future. #georgiaworkerscompensation #workerscompensation #workinjury #georgialawyer 

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Wrist fractures require special considerations for workers’ compensation attorneys. As I discuss in this video, I have represented dozens of clients over the past 20+ years who have been diagnosed with fractures to the #scaphoid, the #ulna, the #radius or any other part of your #wrist.

If you have been struggling with a broken wrist you know how painful it can be and how it can affect other parts of your body. Often, for example, you may develop “overuse syndrome” in your other (non-broken) wrist when you can only use one hand for daily activities.

In a workers’ compensation context, I always insist that the insurance company authorize an upper extremity specialist to perform surgery and other treatment. The insurance company will try to direct you to a general orthopedist or a posted panel doctor but you will get much better results when your treatment is with a hand and wrist specialist.

I also find that insurance companies will often fight us when we present our argument to claim benefits for overuse syndrome. Even though this condition is widely recognized in the medical literature and by knowledgeable orthopedics, the average insurance adjuster often will not voluntarily agree to extend coverage to the undamaged hand. This is yet another area where we aggressively pursue remedies on behalf of our clients. #brokenwrist #atlantaworkerscompensation #georgiaworkerscompensation #attorney #atlantaattorney #wristfracture

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You may be surprised to learn that sloppy or incomplete reporting of your work injury can create huge problems with your Georgia workers’ compensation claim.

As I discuss in this video, insurance companies will carefully study the new patient intake forms generated by the first doctor or doctors who see you after your injury. If a particular body part is not included in the patient intake form, the insurance company will very likely refuse to cover treatment for that body part.

For example, if you fall off a ladder and hurt your head, neck and lower back, but your lower back really hurts and that’s all you discuss with the emergency room physician, your employer/insurer may very well deny treatment for your neck and head.

In this video I talk about how to properly report injuries and what to do if you think that your first report of injury was incomplete. #workerscompensation #georgiaworkinjury #georgiaworkerscompensation 

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I would be very careful about refinancing a Department of Education loan that offers an income based repayment option.

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Over the past few years, #mediations have become a very popular way to settle workers’ compensation claims. As I discuss in this video, a mediation allows us to use a trained, unbiased neutral - the mediator - to help us and the insurance company reach a cash settlement of your claim.

Unlike other areas of the law, trials before #Georgia workers’ compensation judges do not result in settlement. Judges issue rulings on specific issues, such as who should be authorized as your treating doctor, or whether your injury arose out of or in the course of your employment.

If we want to settle for a lump sum, we have to either negotiate a dollar amount with the insurance company, or we can ask a mediator to help move the process along.

Mediations usually speed up the process because everyone is in the same room with the goal of reaching a settlement. A good mediator helps by showing both sides the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments. We do not have to agree to a settlement at mediation but more often than not, mediation proves very effective in getting your case settled for a cash #lumpsum. #workerscompensation #workinjury #georgiaworkerscompensation #jodiginsberg

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What does an opening statement sound like in a Social Security disability case? In this video, I present to you an example of an #openingstatement very similar to one that I presented to a judge in a recent hearing.

Clear and compelling opening statements are even more important in #SSDI and #SSI claims in 2017 and beyond because judges are overworked and often not able to find the time to read every page of every medical report in your file. I do read every word and I use my opening statements to provide the judge a concise summary of my client’s claim.

You will notice in this opening statement example that I reference specific medical records by page number and I explain the progression of my client’s medical issues over time. I also focus on my client’s long work history and, in this particular case, her struggles to try to return to work.

In addition to preparing an opening statement, I also prepare a direct examination of my client and a cross examination of the vocational witness. I also summarize my client’s medical record into a 2 page “hearing worksheet” that I use for quick reference to specific medical exhibits. #SSDI #socialsecuritydisability #disabilitylawyer #disabilityattorney #disabilityhearing

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