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Re: ICS.

I repeat the one and only rule of CyanogenMod: You don't ask for ETAs.

We're at the starting gate, that's about it for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 . . . meaning we've sync'ed the repos and successfully built the code once with nothing related to our own devices in the tree. ;-)

But that is all I'm going to be focused on now. So unless a Galaxy S or S2 Gingerbread bug is quick to find and easy to fix, it won't get a lot of attention from me.
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Everything good takes time , i suppose we can wait for CM9 !!
Just do the Magic, not asking for ETA's, but Im sure everyone will apreciate some updates on how's development going, say weekly?
Superb, you guys are on ICS mode alrady.
Thats what we all wanted to hear :D

Most "features" that are not in Gingerbread builds right now could probably come over when ICS is successfully ported (Like, Hardware accelerated media playback)
Atin M
+André Luz "hardware accelerated" anything needs hardware related code which is different for each device and won't be in ICS drop from Google. This is going to be our biggest challenge because we don't have documentation on a lot of the hardware in the Samsung phones.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am happy you didnt forget SGS1.
Good luck! We all appreciate your effort. :) ETA: "when it's done".
God speed, kind sir. May the android gods bestow all the necessary knowledge to make this ride the least bumpy it ever needs to be.
+Atin M, "So unless a Galaxy S or S2 Gingerbread bug is quick to find and easy to fix, it won't get a lot of attention from me." which is GOOD to hear! Like, terrific news! I do have a question, if you don't mind answering. My wife has the original Epic 4G D700 and there was an hour long BBQ video where questions were asked, and they said the best they could do was get CM7 to load, and that was it. noobnl said that is now back with the CM team, and will have CM7 for the Epic 4G. Source here, Is this true? Because my wife has the Epic 4G D700 and it was still stuck on FroYo until I flashed some EI22 rom from XDA.
Common Santa, we all still belive..... :D
I am sure Samsung will drop something to you by way of the SGSII. Didn't they send one out to get CM setup for it?
Atin M
+Travis Bean I am not so sure. Getting hardware is the easy part, getting the source has been the hard impossible part.
Even when you have the source its hard to make sure its all open source. Remember the Bluetooth...
i counting on you guys! but i am trying to count as slow as possible; so take your time.. ;-)
+Michael Fritzenwallner LOL same here, but i do think is time to stop spamming, so waiting patiently for CM9, thanks in advance to all devs involved in the project
Nice to hear! I appreciate your effort. I also understand that hacking the closed source drivers takes its time, so take your time. "It's done when it's done." Can't wait to see the first nightlies though ;-)
You guys can use Nexus S "stuff" for "hardware acceleration" on SGS right, and that code should be available with ICS build for Nexus S? Just asking couse I own an SGS :).
Thanks for ur hard work.
Just want to wish you guys all the best, hopefully there's something in the nightly kitty soon :)
Good luck! Can't wait to see the a working build!
The way it should be. Better source switch to that ;-)
I look forward to finally putting CM on my Thunderbolt!
Atin M
+Dzevad Vokic We can't use anything . . . there is no code dropped for Nexus S yet.
But once they do drop it, you peeps can utilize lot of it for Galaxy S range of devices with same GPU, processor etc.. Right?
Thanx for ur reply bro and good luck. We all appreciate your hard work.
SGS... I love you guys! Thanks for trying to keep this phone alive.
You think the Vibrant (Galaxy S Variant) will get ICS? If you need someone with a phone to test roms, I can help. (I read none of you guys actually have a Vibrant)
muhahahahahahaa!! that was funny.. sad.. but funny!
Great, Awaiting your release, go Atin!.
Suggestion: perhaps some sort of an update on how things are going. No source code information, no exact changes, just a dumbed down version saying okay so today we got this to work..yeay!

That I guess would keep everyone updated without it being too bugging?
Atin M
Most baseline stuff works except audio (in call mic in particular), but there are other things as well before ICS will be ready for betas on the Galaxy SII and AT&T. Galaxy S and Captivate are farther along and might be ready any time now.
Thanks for the update, appreciate what you guys are doing! 
Thanks for the update and the hard work!
I've been running CM7 on my SGSII since you got bluetooth working and it's great!
Atin on my Cappy I had just downloaded the i9000 ICS (Then soemone fixed the Cappy Kernel with it later today) and was surprised by the build.prop as everything it had in it showed Cyanogenmod in it. Is that due to you working with them or is that part of the stealing the work from CM Team and calling it their own?
Atin M
yeah, I've been working on captivate as well, and since the code is open, they might have taken it. ICS is close to beta release, just have to find the time to actually organize it, merge it upstread etc.
Very nice. I love having my cappy to mess with and look forward to cm9 on it. But I am more excited and patient for cm9 for the att sgs2. Thanks for your hard work as it is appreciated.
Hey ! Thanks for this work !
let me ask you something, it could be a GS2 gingerbread bug quick to find and easy to fix, My best friend is using a Galaxy S2 I9100P (with NFC) and can't install cyanogen (I9100P is'nt in the update script),and the installation is aborted à the checking version stage in CWM. Is there a way to fix thiis ?
Thanks a lot
Atin M
+Pierre de Moras You can modify the update-script to take out the asserts, or you can disable asserts in recovery if you are using clockworkmod recovery.
Hey !Thanks for your (really quick) answer,i will tell him to try, do you think it will work ?
+Atin M please keep those dumbed down updates coming once/twice a week?!
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