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So, we're testing hardware encode/decode using +Andrew Mahone 's work from last night, and I am trying to get Bluetooth working correctly and SGS2 could go into nightlies.
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Awesome news. I really cant wait to get CM onto my device :)
That's really good to hear! Impressive work I have to say...
is hardware encode decode work for the SGS2 / Galaxy or both? good stuff either way
Nice, I look forward to try CM on my new SGS2!
I'm glad to hear about all these developments on the SGS2, but please don't forget about those of us still using a regular ol' SGS (Captivate) :)
Atin M
The hardware codec work is for SGS2 (SGS already uses hardware codecs)
Great news and nice to see, that your about to decide to chose g+ as your com-channel instead of double and triple posting ..... ;-)
cry cry cry cry ... i'm going out to have some beer. will continue tomorrow on sgs2. :-P
Atin M
I did say we're testing - doesn't mean we're done by the way. +Daniel Hillenbrand sobbing should clue you into how testing is going...
We are just impressed he figured out bold characters in G+
I hope, you can do the bluetooth correctly soon :)
Samsung do seem to have a history of making things tricky... I did say after having the original Galaxy and the hell devs had with custom ROMs on that I'd not go back... but then I couldn't resist the SGS2 ;) You're all doing a really good job. Thank you :)
This may be way off topic, but do you see any chance "we" could get mjpeg support in the stock browser, since google's failed miserably at doing so?
What About SGS, is there support for Hardware decoding.
Got 1950 On Quandrant Galaxy CM7, soo Freaking FAST. Thx to you Guys you brought life to SGS.
SGS already has hw acceleration. But there are codecs missing, probably due to patents and licensing stuff. Same on SGS2 now. It has hw acceleration but not much codecs to use.
Atin M
The SGS are already using hardware codecs. The issue is that not all codecs and containers are supported, that is the same on SGS2 and requires a separate set of work.
Good news.. Nice work!
Thanks, great news count me in for the nightlies testing.....:D
Atin M
+Nuno Ferreira Everyone will have access to nightlies when we put them up, just like all nightlies. There will be no separate "alpha" or "beta" KANG release.
Im like a little boy waiting for christmas :-) 
Gary D
Great work, man.
I know we´re not supposed to, but when will u release it.... xD
Sounds great! Thank you for your hard work!! :-)
Damn, I had to to get around to using G+ just for the sake of following you and the work concerning Cya.. So this sounds absolutely freaking awesome! Love your work, guys!
Yes CM7 is the Best AOSP on the World,Thank you for your hard work !!!
Yeah, I'm looking forward to Cyanogen on my SGS2! :)
If you need someone to test or help in any way (i have some old knowledge in java). I'm here. 
I was asking myself...what name is going to have the SGS2?
That's awesome news man, can't wait to try it out!! In cm7 does it look possible for the browser to be hardware accelerated like stock one? Or is that not possible? 
Is it possible to charge the phone via usb, if the pc is turned off / is in standby, like in the original SGS2 rom.
great now we need a group/public CM circle for SGS2 :D
Can't wait CM7 should hopefully bring the device alive :)
I know it's not easy but I'm sure there lots of us hoping for cyanogen for Infuse maybe one day
Atin M
+John Feliciano Some people are working on Infuse, but it isn't anyone on the core teamhacksung team and it seems to be taking longer than was hoped because it is as complicated as the SGS phones were due to the RFS etc and no Gingerbread source.
you have the world all the time, even if it itches in the fingers, your fantastic work to discover the SGS2, much success ---create with google.translater :-)
Aw man, Cyanogenmod on my SGS II, I will still pay the bounty! :D