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got art?
How would you interpret Fracture via art?

We are looking to feature your art for the INSIGHT: Fracture issue that is coming out this December. We turn to you to interpret Fracture in your own way through your art. This is a great chance to showcase your work with our audience and also push some of your creativity.

Fracture could mean splitting to the point of no longer existing in its original form. It could also mean something simpler as "broken" or "split." There are a lot of variations of this that can be done via art and we are excited to see what you have in store!

Details for your art submissions:
Please send over your photographs, paintings, poetry, short stories, interviews, song lyrics, interviews, drawings, illustrations and anything else that embodies your interpretation of FRACTURE.

Share your art with us at by November 22, 2015

**You must include the following in your email*
Your full name
Artist name you want published (if it differs from full name)
Your Contact info (email and phone)
Your Website (if applicable)
Place you currently reside (i.e. Brooklyn, NY)
Bio (max of 35 words) written in the third-person
Title(s) of your work(s)

Optional: INSIGHT statement which gives our readers insight into the work you are sharing. We feel gives the audience a deeper connection to your work as it provides insight into the what/why/what you want to communicate etc. of your pieces.

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Storm Troopers v Aliens.
concept art by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

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In my journey to find more nontraditional and perhaps under-highlighted forms of art, I stumbled upon this blog post regarding #Food  as #Art  . It brings up a qualitative analysis for what constitutes art. I like the portrait highlighted in the link as it uses material (food) to make a face. Sure it's not paint, coal, oil, etc. but how much should that matter? Are there any other under-highlight forms of art out there that you feel should be given serious consideration?

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+Marvel Entertainment released a sample of their upcoming variant covers that riff on Rap albums. Check out #AntMan , #Spiderman   #captainamerica  and many others in the sample ones.
via +The Verge 

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Marvel Variants: Rap Album Cover Riff
11 Photos - View album

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The Avengers assemble for Breakfast!

Avengers made via Pancakes with Dr Dan

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"old school"
"Revolutions on Air" is the story of mix show legends and studio wizards like Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries, The Latin Rascals, Marley Marl, and Kool DJ Red Alert - innovators whose “anything goes” attitude pushed the emerging hip-hop, electro, freestyle, and house music scenes and kept radio listeners citywide hooked to their tape decks in order to record these now-classic mixes.

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so many Iron Man suits (50 to be exact). thanks go out to the folks at +Mashable 

#ironman   #ironmansuits   #marvel  +Marvel Entertainment 

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"I had a picture of George Washington Carver [a black inventor who was born into slavery] on the wall next to my desk," he told Vintage Computing in an interview. "And she said, 'This could be you.' I mean, I can still remember that picture, still remember where it was."

It's hard to deny Lawson's geek cred: He ran an amateur radio station out of his housing project after building a ham radio on his own (complete with an antenna hanging out of his window and a radio license).

He also spent his teenage years repairing electronics all over the city. Most impressively, he taught himself most of what he knew about engineering. Lawson attended Queens College and the City College of New York before working at several firms, including Grumman Electric and Federal Aircraft. After scoring a job with Kaiser Electronics, which focused on military technology, Lawson moved to Silicon Valley

Thanks for sharing this +Engadget 

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 The Neighbourhood - “Warm” ft Raury
digging this.

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Alxndr London - Gunshot

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