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Guess what guys....
Google Currents has gone international!!
Now everyone in the world with access to Google Play and the App Store can get on Currents.

And more fabulous news - you'll be able to easily find me in the curator section! (I've been saving that bit of fabulous for this global launch) ;)

Yay Google, Yay Google Currents! :D

For more information on the global launch, visit this link:
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Congrats Athena! I need to explore this as I have never looked into it before.
Joe Tee
no idea what google currents is
It wasn't available before in Europe (Greece) but now it is! Thank you for sharing the big news ;) just subscribed ;)
About time. Have been wanting to explore it since ...
Thanks for the good news. Been waiting for it for way too long :)
Thank you for the info Athena, great news :)
Thanks dear for the info, and i can't wait to go shooting with you! xoxo <3
Congrats Athena for being one of the curators in google currents, now enjoying the app...
nice Athena Carey‏.
So very exciting! Now I need a phone...

Seriously, sweetie, what a great choice for everyone and with you as a curator, it can't miss. If I had a smartphone or a pad, it would be my very first app.
Thats Great +Athena Carey So when will i see some pics from Ireland and you never said how Trinity went?
Thanks to everyone! :) How are you all getting on with the app? Found and installed ok? It's so nice to have it globally now. :)

+Lee Daniels £ :)

+Keith Dixon I have a photo to post today. ;) And Trinity is gorgeous. I tried to convince the boys that they want to go there. haha We went mainly because my youngest wanted to see the Book of Kells. It's quite awe inspiring!
Yahoo! I will have you on my phone too!
That's great news +Athena Carey and I'm still a dinosaur when it comes to smart phones and pads even though my wife has them all!
When I move into the 21st century I'll add your good self.
Finally. This may replace Flipboard for me. So far, it's looking very, very good.
Ok I am intrigued...never have heard of this before...
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