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Meet +Joel Tjintjelaar +Julia Anna Gospodarou +Joerg Jung and +Athena Carey in Berlin for the Euro Photowalk, May 12-13! More information coming soon...

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. ~Oscar Wilde

Let’s watch it together; you bring the blanket, I’ll bring the champagne.

#BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar #FineArtPlus by +Marina Chen #LongExposureThursday by +Francesco Gola #ThirstyThursdayPics by +Giuseppe Basile
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Dreamy - silent- eerie - tranquil.
That's fantastic.....clear and very fine, Athena and I can feel a lot....
Is there an end? What one finds there? I guess beauty, serenity and light
Love the quote ... and the photo is superb!
Wonderful cloud movement and b&w treatment.
Thank you +Mike Shaw +tony porter +Raffaele Messetti +Justin Hill +Butch Bri +Rznag Rmrod and +Doris-Maria Heilmann :)

+peter paul müller I love making people feel - my favorite part! :)

+Cho Tang no - it was bitter cold and windy, but frozen. This is the largest lake in Switzerland. It doesn't freeze. ;)

+Elena Konstantinova Literally, at the end of the pier there are a bunch of seagulls. Figuratively, at the end of the pier we will meet, enjoy each others' company and be the first to see the new dawn. :)
This is so good...

That I feel sad that I'm not even halfway anywhere yet....
I don't know how big it is, but large parts of the North Sea is even frozen over here!
This simmetry and light on background let the beholder think of "the way to paradise" .
+Kees Smans Thank you so much. And awesome! I am looking forward to seeing you again! :D

+Joerg Jung thank you. Getting excited about this photowalk now! :D
+Melvin Leung half way to where? Berlin? The end of the pier? The new dawn? ;)

+Francesco Di Vita I like that - thank you! :)

+Cho Tang that is very cool. I think our temperatures would have to be sub zero for a full year to freeze this lake. I heard that somewhere...
Achieving an image like this =/

I'm still trying out landscape photography with this lens of mine.
Superb work. I suggest you post the photowalk notice again. Most would have overlooked it. I did, the 1st time round :-)
Well +Melvin Leung get yourself to Berlin in May and you can shoot with us! :D I'm new to Landscapes too, portrait photographer by trade. It's a wonderful journey. ;)
one day, I'll make long exposures just like You, you're my idol, you know ;)
I'm in Singapore LOL

Berlin is slightly too far =/

Going to try practice some more with the limited places we have here on the little red dot first :)
+Sumit Sen Thank you my dear friend. The announcement is just a little teaser for now. We are still getting details sorted and will make a proper announcement with further information soon. ;)
Dépouillement, sobriété, symétrie, lumière, solitude, mélancolie, espoir, quête de l'essentiel ! Compliments +Athena Carey !
Just super. I like how you are drawing the eye into the middle. And this photo walk in Berlin idea sounds like a great idea! Keep me posted.
Awwww Lausanne :)))))
Lovely photograph! Very calming and serene...
Also another really beautiful image +Athena Carey great lines, smooth and that gorgeous light drawing you in. Your on fire with these images of late.
+Andrew Sanigorski and about the image thank you very much - imagine the selection on this one. I don't even want to think about those hours... ;)
You are a tease +Athena Carey of course I'm tempted just the 24hr flight the worries me.

The work you've put in is clearly evident in the result. I'm going to work on getting better selections and if I find any tricks will let you know.
Love the photo +Athena Carey - would be fun to join you and the rest of the gang in Berlin, but I'll be in Beijing most of May.
great work Athena. I like the central placement of the horizon. Is it Lake Geneva? Good luck with the photowalk. Wish I could join you!
Beautiful LE. It's been said before, I can't believe you have not done this kind of photography all your life +Athena Carey!
Ah, what a lineup!! It would be amazingly fun to go to Berlin for that! I wonder if I can make it happen...
Bummer +Jakob Nilsson have fun in Beijing! :)

+Faisal Ahad thank you :D

+Ben Locke yes - it is Lake Geneva from Lausanne. It's a pretty big lake, but on most days you can see the other side from this direction. I wish you could join us in Berlin too!

+Peter Sandin oh yes - make it happen. You should see the sights we are putting together for the LE route. :D
It was only a guess. I didn't recognise it. I visited Geneva a couple of times as a kid and remember being transfixed by the Jet D'eau. If only I'd been 20 something years older and in to photography... if I remember rightly there were some savage looking metal spikes surrounding the fountain. Might make a good location for a LE?
Great Pic again ;)
Never been to Berlin... Can be a good opportunity to go there and meet those great photographer.... i was actually thinking that it would be good to go in a photowalk
Forgot to say... I only drink great brands champagne :D lol
Very lovely Athena your work is a joy to behold.
Oh boy, that would be a nice bday present for me.
Woa...This is pure visual bliss...
I've really been meaning to work on some long exposures. I had some I took a while ago, there were some issues, and I didn't like them. I think water makes great long exposures.
First the quote, beautiful and romantic! Second the image, jaw dropping beautiful! so clean and thought provoking! I absolutely love it! Lastly, the invitation, wow! that is worth the price of a the trip to get to meet and shot alongside some of the most inspirational and talented people here!
Such a beautiful scene +Athena Carey and the highlight patches in the center leading down the pier are so footstep like inviting- Perfect! And like I said to Joel- I so wish I could meet ya all there, just too big of an ocean in the way for now! I'll get there eventually, in the meantime let me extend the invitation to you guys to Come Over Here!? Have a good one- Nate!
Wow! This is superb, +Athena Carey! You are doing some amazing work with the LE. Not that I'm surprised. ;) And oh how I wish I could meet you in Berlin. One day. One day. xoxo
+Ben Locke last time I went into town with my camera gear, they had the jet d'eau turned off! lol This one is from Lausanne - about 1/2 way to Montreux from Geneva.

+Bertrand Chombart I'm bringing a Moet&Chandon. ;)

Thank you so very much +Dave DiCello +Shantha Marie Fountain +Jeff Vyse +Rubel Islam +Daniel Chen +Biljana Petrovic +Shelly Gunderson +Marianne Skov Jensen and +Steve Hambley

+Thomas Paris worth considering! ;)

+christian richter it will be lovely to meet you and shoot with you! :)

+Lance Rudge book your flight now! I'll reserve the spot next to my tripod for you. ;)

+Eustace James wow - you are making me blush! I hope they are revealing good things...

+Nate Parker darn that big ocean!

+Kerry Murphy I wish you could fly over too sweetie!
Moet & Chandon is good choice, i like the pink one, Moet & Chandon Rose...
Should i book my flight ticket now??? ;)
Such a beautiful shot! I think you've officially mastered the long exposure shot +Athena Carey! ;-)
absolutely fantastic! i love how soft it is.
So many say you should avoid the centre horizon - this image goes to show that is bad advice ;)
Oh that would be my dream trio to meet...sigh. One day it will happen. This image is an absolute stunner my beautiful friend!! :)
(A) Okay it's official. You have truly gotten the hang of the long exposure mood. Wonderfully composed - and the path to the light is excellent. Superb image.

(B) I am so envious about the May photowalk that I cannot say anything other than how jealous I am.
+Harmony Goodson it really is all we need... ;)

+Nora Carol thank you dear :)

+Russ Barnes I'm a rebel. ;) Actually it seems like the surreal mood in LE images lends to quite a lot of rule breaking. I like that.

+dene' miles Aw come can get to Berlin by train from our Paris meeting. ;)
+Nathan Wirth:
(A) You mean to tell me that you gave me the light saber before it was official? I could have hurt myself!!

(B) I so wish you would be in Berlin with us. Just the same as I wished you would be in Amsterdam with us.

(C) +Joel Tjintjelaar when are we going to go visit Nathan? ;)

(D) can you see all the gulls meeting at the end of the pier? :)
I can only keep on dreaming now,but it is good too
+Athena Carey -

(a) if you recall, Obi-Wan gave Luke Skywalker his light saber early on! :-)
(b) Alas I am far too poor to afford such wonderful experiences at this time!
(c) +Joel Tjintjelaar - when are you and +Athena Carey going to visit me?
(d) I did not see the seagulls because the/my view is too small. You should think about posting it to a place like 500px so we can all see a larger view and drink in all the effervescence of this lovely image!
First, I can't wait for May!
No, first I love this photo!
No, let's try again, both of them this time: I love this photo and I can't wait for May!!! :D
Now I've said it right!
This is such a great subject +Athena Carey ! That pier is so rough and charming and the light so appealing. I'd love to walk that path!
(I could bring the glasses? :)
+Brian Spencer thanks so much! Can't wait to see the book in person. :)

+Nathan Wirth darn it - I was afraid the birds would not show at this size. They are the whole reason for the title, "the rendezvous". And for my putting this image up with the option to meet Joel, Julia, Joerg and I.... Foiled by my own small image size...
The perspective is mindblowing ! Very inspiring !
.... well there is only one thig what i can say.. Beautiful perfection Athena!!
A big wow Athena! I just can't express how good this is for a relative newcomer to minimalistic BW LE photography. The high lights in the sky are exactly right, the tonal gradations in the water are subtle. Great tonal range overall. Fantastic:)
A really lovely long exposure here +Athena Carey. The cloud movement looks like a subtle starburst.

Dan the fish is notable by his absence here ;)
Thank you for your lovely comments +Richard Murphy +Mikko Tyllinen +Javier Esvall +bernard duvvier +João Oliveira +Jens Ceder +Josep-Maria Robert and +Lola Camacho

+Francis Gagnon I had the tripod raised so high that I couldn't see in the viewfinder. I had to go on my tippy toes just to see the screen. ;)

+Joel Tjintjelaar :D thank you - I am working hard! I thought of you several times during the HOURS of tedious selection in this image. Unfortunately it's not really obvious in this size, but full size you can tell. ;)

+Chris Day This one was taken the same day as the other cloudburst photo I posted recently. And yes, Dan dad fisch doesn't live in this part of the lake. he is actually much closer to my house than this location. ;)

+Nathan Wirth I can't wait for the photo walk that you are organizing for Joel and I to come to!! Eee!! :D ;)
That the kind of situation you have to use the live view mode ! ;)
That is exactly what I did +Francis Gagnon. :D And then after I put the filter on I couldn't see anything anyway, so I just hung out in the cold watching some guys eat their lunch by their truck. ;)

+Thomas Schaller ok - you can have a beer. But since there is champagne, I'm going to have that instead this time. Can you come to Berlin? Excellent beers there... ;)
Haha ! Then the next step will be to carry a ladder ;)
Hi Athena, I was a panelist on Lotus's show last night and she told us you were her sister! Was that a secret? :o Well, I'll just say how fortunate you are to have this artistic talent and have such a creative family.
Beautiful shot! Love the eerie feel. Damn I wish I could make that walk!
Ah, so much fun!
So jealous!
well i would love to attend this, but am a world away :-))
beautifully composed, lovely tones, so inviting to walk that pier +Athena Carey !
Beautiful work Athena. Your rendezvous title really connected with me. I can imagine some lovers meeting at the end of the jetty, holding one another close and tight to keep warm whilst stealing a kiss :)
+Francis Gagnon I am really going to have to find myself a donkey for all these things I must carry with me to make photos! :)

+Thomas Schaller looking forward to BBQ with +Trillian Petrova then. ;)

+Jackie Freeman Thank you so much, and yes - +Lotus Carroll is my little sister. No secret. ;) I also have a very talented (and beautiful) cousin who is an artist and another cousin who is a musician.

+rita vita finzi more information will come in the next week. We are still finalizing details right now, but wanted to put a little word out so people can start getting excited and most importantly save that weekend. :D

+Michael Diblicek Eeee! I am so glad you are coming. This is going to be SO good. :)

+John Kosmopoulos I think that will be effortless. ;)

Thank you so much +jay hutchinson +Jose Vazquez +Saqib Jahangir +Don Spenner +David Herreman and +Dietrich Bojko :D

+Tom Tran I wish you could join us. ;)

+Kirsten Bowers maybe there is one near you? :)

+Gerard Charnley I love your thoughts about the image. Of course nearly everything I do is over-thought, so the alternative meaning here is the french meaning of the word, appointment which I am hoping to schedule on May 12/13 with as many G+ photographers as possible! :D Will you make it to Berlin?
will s
Love the composition, pull everything to the center where the light shine from there.
+Athena Carey this is perfection defined in a single image. I love the lighter value atop the rails it moves your focus to the perfect point. Love it.
I would bring ripe fruit to dribble down chins as the champagne bubbles rise to match the racing skies and the pier becomes a moving craft that silently steams to your horizon without a ripple.
You immerse me again in the strength of your vision, of the bold use of time and line and light. You create story and a need to reach through run my hand along the bright gilded rails.
All my admiration again..£
+Athena Carey whilst I would dearly love to join you, I think it's unlikely as I've just started a 6 month renovation project which is consuming both my time and money! I'm sure you will have an amazing time!
Great capture Athena, i'm sure it will be an amazing photowalk.
Love the highlight at the end.
Geez Louise my dearest +Athena Carey, this is a pretty damn special image!! The strong leading lines transport the eye off into the bright beyond. Great control of the light and lovely textures too.

A huge congrats too on this mage being featured on PhotoExtract...well deserved recognition my friend!!!
excellent long exposition work Athena, superb geometrical composition, and I love the title as well! :-)
completely stunning Athena to say the least!
Very nice. More like Ansel Adams than many a hi def claim.
on midst of way obstacles might appear ,but those with faithfull hearh and beleives will overcome this brige and warmth hug is agift.
Oh wow, very euphoric with the light breaking through the background like that. Terrific shot!
The grass is always greener
Well I ever see her?

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