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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams

#MinimalMonday by +Olivier Du Tré
#BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar #FineArtPls by +Marina Chen
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Nice, very nice photo. But I just want it to be spring soon!
This image speaks to me of abundant peace and tranquility. It's an amazing scene.
love the quote and thanks for sharing a stunning image )
Perfect, magical minimalism, my dear!
+Jakob Nilsson I wondered as I typed it just now if reading "some lead" would put the words "others follow" into some people's minds! ;) Thank you!

+CURTIS CUNNINGHAM that is reallly what the day was like for me - I am glad it reads accurately. :)

Thanks +rohan reilly - I have found myself completely addicted to gradients. It is +Joel Tjintjelaar's fault!

+Eric Fischer here is is very much Spring already. Small flowers are blooming and the trees are budding. I do like my foggy winter days, but I will have to wait many months for more. ;)

Thank you so very much for your lovely comments +Sue Butler +amit thadhani +Simos Xenakis +Ron Wiecki +Filippo Macchi
Nice shot! We didn't get much snow this winter. So i'm enjoying this :)
Magical image +Athena Carey! Gorgeous tones, wonderfully balanced comp and spot on exposure!!! You most definitely are a leader and I appreciate how you inspire!! Happy Monday :)
+Subra Govinda thank so much :)

+John R. Wilson it was such a cold lovely day. Easy to come home with beautiful images. :)

+Layla Kuyper you have to come visit next winter to experience the magic. ;)

+Mike Ablaza we didn't get much either, but on this day I went straight out in the morning after a nighttime snowfall. By midday the snow was already becoming tainted with mud.

+Lance Rudge Thank you my dear for your amazingly sweet words. Your comments always bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. Happy Monday to you as well! :)
I'm there! It just rained all Winter here.. No magic. :)
Oh! Gorgeous, +Athena Carey! I love the line of smaller trees (or are they bushes?) and the snow kissed branches. Very peaceful.
Lella H
Another of your beautiful dreamy winterlandscapes, well done as always :)
+Athena Carey - Ohh.... You are soooooooo good at these shots!! Envious and in awe at the same time! ;)
+Layla Kuyper I must be honest that the winter magic was very short lived here - about a 1/2 day. But I seized it! :)

+Kerry Murphy I love those little trees too. I very nearly titled this "my minions" because every time I look at it I think the word "minions". haha They are very small trees (see their little plastic protectors?) and the farther ones are big trees that just look small because of the distance. All lined up just right... :)

Thank you so much my dear +Lella H :)

+Tricia McDonald Ward thank you!

+Gary Munroe ah shucks, ~kicks dirt~ Oh darn it - what is dirt doing in my office! :)
Yeah +Tim Souza it's a good one.

+Kerry Murphy they needed a bit of encouragement, but just a little. ;)

+Younes Bounhar now I am beaming - thanks! :)

+Gary Munroe yeah, thanks for messing with my head this Monday. I have to teach in 30 minutes, hopefully I can get unconfused! ~goes to find a coffee~ ;)

+Joerg Jung thank you. "Hello, I am Athena Carey and I am a gradientaholic...!

So glad you like it +Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir have a lovely Monday! :)

Thanks also to +Stuart Williams & +Maria John for your kind comments. :)
+Heinz Udo Zemlin 100! Wow - thank you! Danke schön. :)

+Steve-Maxx landeros I wish you could see it too. Because that would mean it was still there. I would more than happily take you there! :D These trees are near one of the CERN buildings in France. Pretty unremarkable without the snow. ~sigh~

Thank you +Josep-Maria Robert :)
Love the composition and receding line of trees. Really gives an interesting feel of depth. As usual I like it! Best Regards +Athena Carey
Fabulous Athena... I could look at that every day!
Contemplative, ethereal beyond all words, deeply meaningful, deeply personal. An image worthy of the masters, of which you are one,
+Athena Carey They say the gentlest of hands can lead a herd of elephants by a single hair if approached with the right qualities. A wonderful photo, thanks for sharing thoughts as well ;-)
Very beautiful. I could look at this all day!
Stunning shot....Such a Beauty in White!
Beautiful continuation of this wonderful series of trees in the snow. Yes the gradients are perfect and glad it's all my fault:) Master tonal gradations and you will master B&W :)
Where do you find all these lonely trees +Athena Carey?! You seem to have a lonely tree search app available to you! Continued beautiful work!!
Its like the rest of the world melts away when I view this scene. A stunning capture and I love those gradients too! :)

(with this image being locked I can't tag you nor can the theme curators share it :( )
love the mim three with here sweet little child ...
Such a beautiful and serene sight :)
Beautiful image Athena, so well seen and captured ... and you have a such a knack of finding the perfect quote. :)
Zack Bs
You are not a leader, you are a "Muse"
+Michael R. Reynolds I like that you like it. :)

+Steve Hambley I think I might just get it printed and do just that! Thanks. :)

+Steven Sherwin So glad you like it. I might have another tucked away to share soon. ;)

+Carolyn Fahm "ethereal" I like that - thanks! :)

+Ron Carloni what wonderful words - thank you for sharing them. :)

+Stefan Bäurle that's a lot of time in front of the computer lol thanks! ;)

Thank you so much +Ron Grooms +Milena Ilieva and +Cornel Krämer for your great comments. :D

+Zack Bs that is very kind of you to say. I did not mean to imply though that I am a leader, only that the big tree in the photo is. ;)
+Joel Tjintjelaar yes - remember my total fixation on the gradients in this one so many weeks ago. Torment and love at the same time, that is what gradients are for me. ;)

+Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery arg - it was locked for some reason. I fixed it. ;)

+Peter Sandin lol - I stocked up on these images whenever I could this winter. I still have one or two to share. Really, I don't have a lonely tree farm in a dome of snow behind my house. ;)

+Kurt Harvey thanks so much. And I don't actually know how this one got locked, but I have unlocked it. ;)

+Ian Good thank you. :) And with the quotes, often I think about them for days and then the just right one will pop up. It's an interesting process and almost as self reflective for me as the images themselves. ;)

+Dominique Dubied thank you! :) Just about one week now until we go shoot the lake. ;)

thank you +Manuela Azevedo +Thomas Schaller +Cho Tang and +Konstantin Kouznetsov :)
Love the top and bottom banding. Great image!
Whoa! Great shot again! Now wondering how many shots like this you still have in your pocket. :))
What great frost. The scale of the background trees is messing with my mind - in a good way.
I like this a lot +Athena Carey. Makes me want to be there and enjoy the crisp air and calmness...
+Peter Carroll I do hope you mean gradients and not banding. Banding is my worst gradient enemy! ;)

+Benedict Chui just a few more - thanks! :D

+Eric Fredine always happy to mess with your head in a good way. ;) Thank you!

+Marc Koegel I am so glad you are active on G+ now. :D I miss that crisp air and calmness... Spring is so non-minimal. ~sigh~

+Brian Spencer It was really calm and quiet - almost no one was out yet because the roads were still snowy. ;)
I came here with the hope of seeing one beautiful minimal white tree and here it is, wonderful as ever, radiating beauty all around. Marvelous series +Athena Carey! I love how the line of little bushes seems like dividing the world in two in this frame. And the gradients ...siiiiiiigh.... :)
(but my biggest wish is still to jump into that snow and roll all over it :))
Another gorgeous wintry composition, Athena! I love the gray/white tones you have been producing with these beautiful tree compositions. Great, great work!!
Amazing photo, This would be nice to hang above my computer desk at home.
very nice! love all these snow photos you put here :)
Not much left to remove from that picture - Love it, so simple and yet beautiful
Another little gem +Athena Carey . I love it
+Francis Gagnon thank you! :D

+Peter Carroll Whew - thanks. Banding is my sworn enemy. ;)

+Julia Anna Gospodarou I am so happy to fulfill your hopes on my page! What a wonderful feeling for me. ;) I am really glad you like the image. How fun it would have been to have you with me. But you would have to wait to roll in the snow until I got my photo. And I have to warn you that there was MUD under the snow. I had to be careful where I walked! :D

+Nathan Wirth thank you kindly sir! I am missing these foggy/snowy days a lot now. Spring is ruining my minimal mood. ;)

+Erick Powers Thanks! I was just thinking about printing this series and hanging it in my office too! :D
+Athena Carey next winter we have to do this. Both of them actually, shoot the snow together and then roll in it, pretending there's no mud underneath :)). And if we still get all muddy, then we can play the three little pigs' game (sure we'll have to find a third one for the game ...any idea?)
:)) xo
+Julia Anna Gospodarou it is a date then. I am sure we can find a 3rd to play piggie with us. A few names come to mind - it will just depend on what our snow location is. ;) xo
I raise my hand to play piggy :)
Like a painting which is to say, masterfully beautiful. Love the distant faded soft horizon and that tree, of course :).
Another incredible photo +Athena Carey! I know it's all been said here already, but simply wow! ;-)
A stunning capture, an image that inspires. Good work as usual.
Typically gorgeous work +Athena Carey. Each time I see your minimal snowscapes I completely relax and enjoy your world. Besides the beautiful tree I'm enjoying the receding treeline and diminishing scale. Sweet gradients too.
+Athena Carey - I've read this somewhere: Either lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way! :D
Great image. I find the line of little trees humorous for some reason.
Another clean and lovely shot Athena. For a moment there I thought all the black dots were ducks ;)
Thank you +Sangeeth VS :)

+Chris Miller actually, they were ducks. But I shooed them off and then planted little saplings in their place quickly before taking the shot. All without leaving any footprints! :D

+Dylan van Graan thanks so much. :)
It's good to see you standing up for the rights of saplings Athena. Ducks have had the "all in a row" thing as a monopoly for far too long!
Got to agree with everyone else - the subtle gradients are perfect. Beautifully composed. The other trees look like they're all lining up for their turn to take the stage :)
ty, and wow, this is gorgeous and now coincidental. Today is Tree day. :) Lovely mood you set here Athena, but then again, you are one of the top photographers. Luv the perspective going away, dark form, hints of grays, sky line, details of the limbs branching off.I could get lost in this. Now this reminds me of that poem, "I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree, a tree whose............ Super work here Athena as is the norm with you. Wonderful
Lovely minimal image.
love the predominance of white +Athena Carey - has a very therapeutic effect :) Beautiful image as always.
+Chris Miller I'm all for the under dog tree. ;)

+John Kosmopoulos I'm so darn in love with these winter trees - what am I going to do with myself now that it's Spring?! ;)

+Patrice PVK thank you - that's a word I love.

+Ben Locke thank you - maybe of those other trees grow big and strong they can be a photo star too. :D

+Robert Brosche' thank you so much for your very lovely comment. And for reminding me of that poem - what a gift! :)

+Andy Lee thank you

+Paul Scott the funny thing is I could not stand the white walls in my house - painted them brown. But in these photos I am so content to keep the histogram almost completely to the right. :)

+William Mazdra omgosh - this might be my first slaying. How exciting! :D Thanks!
.... ♥ i am absolultey speacless between this magical beauty Athena! Very beautiful!
+Athena Carey - I know! We are too! :) You're going to have to find another great setting to show us so we can admire those photos as well.
Such amazing minimalism and such an inspiring quote for further complexity. Thank you for sharing your artistry, it is so beautiful! :)
A stunning & beautiful creative image! The quote is so fitting as well. Thank you Athena! Inspired me:)
I am 2 days late Athena and already so much +s and comments, beautiful landscape, remind me some cold winter days ;), very romantic
This is incredibly stunning, what atmosphere
Thank you so much +Елена Ващукова +Imran Khan and +John De Bord. :)

I actually just remembered that when I was editing this image some time ago I ran into a problem with the software. I had a weird grid appear on the whites. It was very frustrating. I spent a long time trying to figure out what would have caused it and in the end I had to go back and rework the edits differently to avoid it. I still wish I knew what had caused that...
Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! I LOVE your quote to go with this!
Wonderful snowscape, and some wonderful contrasts.
If the quote is true, then you are truly a leader. A great one.
Thank you +Sandra-V. Lemoine :)

Hello +Ron Clifford :D You're making me blush! I need to try to find your message from before to see what my date choices are. I've decided to do it! (off to dig through you page)
Serene and beautiful. Fantastic composition and I especially love the slight horizontal gradient in the sky..
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