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Hey Everyone! Back in action - and here's our new FAQ! Send in your questions!
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Anyone going to qanda tonight to cheer on NDGT?
I will be watching because it should be informative. 
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Spending time in the US has only made Ricky Gervais a more outspoken atheist. He tells Robin Ince why that’s important.
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If you were once a believer, who or what was the biggest influence on you in your journey towards atheism?
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I now worship Satan
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Vale Sir Patrick Moore
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Fuck Bill O'Reilly
This is really what is needed here.....
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Have them in circles
1,385 people
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Have you decided which political party you will be voting for in the upcoming federal election? Does your atheism influence your vote?
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In a word...yes. How can I vote for a government that supports something so strongly, and which I so strongly denounce?
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+Mark Stead also raises the very important question of why children are opting out amongst the other children. Also, many schools are implementing ethics classes in place of religious instruction for the kids that choose to opt-out. No doubt there will be conversations in the school yard about the differences in the classes.

Nobody is missing out, it's just providing options.

These people have no right being in our schools, in fact, the right approach would be do ditch the biblical studies in favor of one ethics class where the children are presented with all kinds of examples of ethics...including religious ethics, and allow them to choose for themselves the path they want to take.

Make no mistake, it's the religion that creates the segregation, not the secularism.
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Worst. Apocalypse. Ever.
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One more reason why Australia is better than New Zealand
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Atheism is the acceptance that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods or the supernatural.
THE ATHEIST FOUNDATION OF AUSTRALIA INC began in South Australia in 1970 when the members of the Rationalist Association of SA decided that a name change would proclaim their basic philosophy, which began in Greece 2500 years ago.

We can understand why primitive cultures believed that invisible beings controlled what we now call the elements and natural phenomena. With access to factual knowledge, there is now no excuse for believing in gods, fairies or any supernatural concept.

We live in a natural universe with known natural laws. Religion, based on belief in the existence of the supernatural, is dependent on the indoctrination of infants generation after generation, by parents brainwashed in religious cultures.

The confrontations and fighting today provide ample evidence of the unstable nature of societies, which endorse religious beliefs.

Infantile concepts seriously hinder the full potential development of humans in a world with problems that require logical thought.

Atheists find their motive for action in the needs and problems of their fellow citizens and consider that the worship of, or reliance on, imaginary supernatural beings to be a useless waste of time, energy and resources.

The Foundation is dependent on a small committee which meets monthly and is open to all members. We maintain a cordial relationship with similar organisations within Australia and overseas and with whom we exchange our magazine, The Australian Atheist.

It is recognised that the non-religious segment in society is on a steep increase but only through such organisations as the Foundation will it be recognised as a movement worthy of notice by administrative bodies.

We welcome feedback from thoughtful people and invite your co-operation and membership.
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