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Asylum Haunted Scream Park

Slenderman Live Action Event has been CANCELLED for tonight. We will be posting for more events soon. Thank you everyone for a great season! Scare ya soon.

We want to thank all of our amazing fans for yet another great season of scaring Happy Halloween!

Tonight is our final night of scaring the hell out of you and we’re ready for you We will be open from 8pm until 2am

Unfortunately due to the 100% chance of cold rain, and the radar showing it is true, for the safety of our actors and our customers, (even our zombie hunting bus which doesnt like the mud) we aren’t able to open tonight, but we WILL BE open tomorrow night (Sat) for our final evening of the main Halloween season

Remember: A clown in disguise would just look like a normal person. There could be clowns walking among us at any moment.

Come see us at the Louisville Halloween Parade and Festival. We get going in the scare bus at noon (our portable Haunted House), and will be there scaring (for free) until 8pm... Then come to the Haunted House and bring a friend, and watch them pee themselves until 2am Scare you soon!

Our doors are open tonight to SCARE THE LIVING HELL out of innocent victims.. I mean customers... Until 2am... don’t wait it’s gonna be an amazing night of scaring. Grab a friend, and come get scared...

The weather is just right for scaring this weekend... we’re just sayin

The weather is just right this weekend for scaring... we’re just saying.

Tonight - Xterminate will be open (it’s an indoor arena) but our other attractions (Darkness Falls, Zombie City, Zombie Hunting and our Carnival) will be closed due to rain. If you come tonight and buy our all access pass however (the rest of the attractions you can come to next weekend) you will get a $5 rain discount! Save some Dough, and come have fun on the rainy night anyway. If you prefer to go to the largest multi-attraction indoor haunted house in Louisville - we suggest visiting 7th Street Haunt or go visit ‘The Devils Attic’ tonight! Scare you soon!
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