GRAIL Maps the Moon's Gravity
Image Credit & Copyright: +NASA, JPL-Caltech, MIT, GSFC

How did the Moon form? To help find out, NASA launched the twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) satellites in 2011 to orbit and map the Moon's surface gravity in unprecedented detail. Pictured above is a resulting GRAIL gravity map, with regions of slightly lighter gravity shown in blue and regions of slightly stronger gravity shown in red. Analysis of GRAIL data indicates that the moon has an unexpectedly shallow crust than runs about 40 kilometers deep, and an overall composition similar to the Earth. Although other surprising structures have been discovered that will continue to be investigated, the results generally bolster the hypothesis that the Moon formed mostly from Earth material following a tremendous collision in the early years of our Solar System, about 4.5 billion years ago. After completing their mission and running low on fuel, the two GRAIL satellites, Ebb and Flow, were crashed into a lunar crater at about 6,000 kilometer per hour.
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Looks like a Willy Wonka Gobstopper :-O
Ahhh, but notice that the area around Tycho has been photoshopped, most likely to cover up the anomaly - TMA-1!!
Quite the imagination! I'm thinking Pink Floyd phycadelic
Differing surface gravity due to differing subsurface densities?
That's a really amazing find. I also love the name of the satellites lol
Now it is proved moon is not formed from earth
If I'm not mistaken, I thought this article supported the theory that the moon was created from Earth matter, not disprove? 
I thought it was a jaw breaker.
I still think it's originally Earth material becaue of the relative lack of iron & nickle.
That is 1 hell of a great pic.think about it, every time u look up u find something new and amazing

Has NASA made the raw GRAIL data available anywhere?
I would rather have the moon look like that at night.
Creative, even if photoshopped, but I'd like to know!
Wouldn't mind seeing an image like this of the other side of the moon, obviously more difficult I know.
This sort of reminds me of Io (Jupiter's moon).
Typical: man leaves his junk on the moon again!! We're turning space into a giant junk yard.
Gobstopper... I'm with the first comment... Regardless of its beauty... We must be aware of its immense impact on gravity....or BEAUTY.. There's no end to astrophysical science and technology or to its potential..... The universe is a vast array of discoveries just waiting for a new quest by the next generation! Thanks for sharing this with all of us idiotic fools! 
Wonder what the Earth looks like through gravitational eyes..
The moon as you wont see it again
You can't, you shouldn't litter earth. Yet you can crash satellites into the moon without so much as a consequence? I was interested in this post until i read that, all i can think now is of bloody useless scientific crap on our precious moon. Just disgusting.
"other surprising structures have been discovered..." hmmm... reminds me of transformers 3. 
If the "unexpectedly shallow crust than runs about 40 kilometers deep", and there are no signs of tectonic activity and no magnetic field, then what's the interior of the moon made of? is the moon empty ? :P
It looks like the back of the jedders head

Aloha <3 Spent time cruisin cow pastures?? :-D I still cant grasp the non- colour concept of space. Im not stupid, but why then photos taken from the moon, Earth has colour?? Mahalo O:-)
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I'd like to see our planet in this way
Why does +NASA build stuff then crash it..why not mulitipurpose devices?..nice pic of the moon gravity wells..probably should have scanned earth moon sun then crash into sun..or the crash was intentionaly to conduct a mining experiment
If NASA wanted to hide anything don't you think they would have enough skill to be able to hide it from YOU?

What I'm interested in is the heavy gravity parts, my guess is iron. Nice they can find construction material up there in clusters. 
wow, wonder if the earth is a blotchy?  what about Mars?  Science is so much fun.
+Mark Thompson : to get the sensitivity they needed, the satellites had to fly low, so they had to keep boosting their orbit (gravity does start to drag against a space vehicle, even if there;s no atmosphere to create friction), meaning that they eventually run out of fuel. The crash was, in fact, strategically aimed as best could be done, for a little bit of final science, but also to know where the remains are, and to avoid accidentally "polluting" other sites, like the Apollo laser-target mirrors, as might happen if you just "let go". They have to ditch, so they might as well know exactly where they're going down.
Did they correct for altitude ? (hills & such) I tough that the gravity is not mass property but antimatter's property. This is what I have not expected that will look like this ! Spiked !! Amazing.   
beautiful but could this be real
That tells you there is a designer who has no equal and that's the almighty allah.
Crust? Around what? Don't try to tell me the moon has a soft chewy middle...
+Lanty do oh yeah. They should have called it a rind then, not a crust ;)
Beautiful picture - but it does resemble one of those bouncy "powerballs" that my generation used to play with as kids!!!
Fantastic amazing colours .would look good having a car this colour teehee
Genesis 1 should help, even without a satellite.

Tells  "Who", and gives some incite into the "how"(not exhaustive detail,  "Who", spoke it into existence, "Who" made the lesser light (the moon) . Now did "Who" go beyond speaking it into existence, squishing, and shaping it into a ball.... 
Fantastic photos google, thanks !
تبارك الله احسم الخالقين
+saeed alnaimee The comments I see written in Arabic in the APoD are always the same thing - "Blessed be Allah, the creator", "Allah is great" or something along those lines.

I feel bad for you guys. Your view of the world seems to be so limited. It is as if when you get the feeling of wonder, it never leads to curiosity, it just leads to the same old "Blessed be Allah".

Come on. Ask questions. Share your knowledge. Join the discussion! 
This is the planet where bad artists come from.
+SHAAN XI . That is one huge Gobstopper. That would stop the biggest Gob anywhere. I don't think there is a jaw big enough for this to have evolved into a Jawbreaker.

+Chris Cushman , Pink Floyd was even more psychedelic. They looked at prism refracting a beam of light and were able to see the Dark Side of the Moon. Imagine that.

The Apollo astronauts found no evidence of green cheese there, so they stopped going.

What I can't seem to understand in Genesis, is that the Sun & the Moon were created on the 3rd day, After night & day were established.

I think I'll stick with Science. God created Science, Math and Evolution and let them loose to do what they will.

I think we should crash as much space junk on the moon as possible. That way, the evidence of our existence would remain millions of years after we're gone. :-D 
+Carl Knox . No, they specifically enhanced the altitude with color, because altitude correlates to the gravitational anomalies. If they corrected for the altitude, it would cancel out the gravitational measurements, except on a very large scale.
My brother is a geophysicist, and they have instruments which detect the gravitational field strength to such a high precision that the instrument on the floor would read slightly differently than if it was placed on a table.
But, yes, they had to Calibrate the instruments for variations in altitude, so that the colors would show up clearly as they do.
Wow thanks for the scientific explanation. I would never have thought of that. An excellent one too. Keep it up. Thanks again.
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