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Pamela L. Gay originally shared:
Come meet me and other astronomy lovers in person! New meet up scheduled for community members of +Astronomy Cast +365 Days of Astronomy & +CosmoQuest

Join us Sunday Feb 26, 2012 at the SETI Institute
189 N. Bernardo Ave Suite 100, Mountain View, CA 94043

Please RSVP at the Meetup Site linked below. We're going to ask people to pitch in toward some food and drink, so please make suggestions in the MEETUP comments.
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It would be a great meet up to attend, it's a pity I am in the wrong hemisphere.
I agree +Dave Cole. I wish I could make it as well, but being on the east coast makes that a bit tough. 
Wait, the Seti Insitute is in MTV? I've been to MTV many times, I would have visited if I'd known it was so close!
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