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At Assured, we know that there’s simply no home performance upgrade that can make as noticeable a difference as insulation. This is especially true of multifamily buildings, which can utilize a great deal of energy if not insulated properly. As many as 90% of homes throughout the United States suffer from a lack of insulation, and this includes multifamily homes. Fortunately, this problem can be mitigated, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Do you own or live in a multifamily building? Here are three of the most pressing reasons to consider an insulation upgrade.

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Spray foam insulation can eliminate and prevent the spread of allergens all throughout your home. By sealing certain leakage points in your home, spray foam effectively separates your home’s air from the outdoors, keeping pollen out. Other types of insulation are also effective in eliminating the problem, but spray foam has a higher R-value rating than most insulations, meaning that it has a higher resistance to heat flow per inch. As such, spray foam not only provides an effective air barrier, but also a moisture barrier, preventing allergens, pollen, dust or mold from affecting your home’s indoor air quality. Taking this simple step forward can not only provide major health benefits, but also substantial allergy relief.

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At Assured Insulation Solutions, we strive to provide local residents with the best home performance solutions available. That’s why we work with utility companies who offer rebates to homeowners looking to make energy upgrades and save.

Recently, the utility companies presented our team with an award that recognizes our duct sealing work in homes throughout the Chicagoland and Central Illinois area. With the most duct sealing projects completed out of any local contractor using utility company rebates, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners keep their homes more comfortable and reduce their monthly energy bills.

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How often do you think about your home’s crawlspaces? Twice a month, once a year, never? Whatever your answer, there’s a chance that you may not be thinking about them enough.

While these spaces may seem small and insignificant, they can have a huge impact on the comfort level of your home. This means that any damage affecting your crawlspace can affect the overall health of your home. Mold and moisture in these spaces is a particularly common problem. Crawlspaces are often cold, dark, and provide the perfect environment for mold to grow. Furthermore, because these spaces are often small and separated from the rest of your home, they can go undisturbed for months at a time. This means that you could have mold and moisture growing in your crawlspace right now and not know about it.

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Insulation has lots of excellent benefits:
1. Boosts home comfort year-round
2. Reduces temperature imbalances in your home
3. Requires no maintenance once installed
4. Increases energy efficiency of your home
5. Increases the durability of your heating and cooling systems

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Winter has finally settled, and so has the winter weather. With the drop in temperature, it is now more important than ever to make sure your home is comfortable and ready for the upcoming season. Properly weatherizing your home can be the difference between a comfortable winter and a chilly one. It is especially important to start considering home efficiency upgrade options now, because as we usher in the new year, we will also be ushering in even colder temperatures.

Even if your home is currently comfy, it might not remain so for much longer. It is important to take action now as opposed to later. Don’t wait for things to become unbearable. Before the mid-winter chill sets in, call Assured Insulation Solutions! We have the services you need to keep your home warm and cozy all winter long.

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We all know the importance of a properly insulated home, but ensuring that you get great insulation service at a ideal price in the Decatur area can seem like a difficult balance to achieve. There are a number of different factors that will affect the cost of insulation installments. Things like the size of your property, the size of the insulated area, accessibility, thickness of the insulation, and the company you buy the insulation from can all affect the overall price that you pay for repairs.

With so many different elements to consider, keeping the retrofit within your budget can seem like a daunting task. Insulating your house, however, shouldn’t end up costing you in the long run.

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There are a number of factors that can influence home performance. A properly fitted HVAC system, for example, can help to ensure that the home is warm and comfortable all winter long. The fact is, though, even the best equipment on the market will inevitably fail to operate at peak performance if the home isn’t properly insulated and air sealed. This is where Assured Insulation Solutions comes into play—insulating new homes to prevent any need for emergency measures down the road.

We often insulate new construction jobs with a combination of cellulose and closed cell spray foam. Box sill and rim joist areas in the basement are notorious spots for energy loss, which is why we spray closed cell foam in these areas and add a basement insulation blanket to ensure that the home is up to code. Corners that are tricky to insulate are also sprayed with foam insulation, which leads to a properly-sealed building envelope. 

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The attic is a part of the home that is often considered “out of sight, out of mind” by homeowners in Chicagoland and Central Illinois. It’s often considered an adjunct part of the home, useful for storage and seldom visited. The fact is, however, your attic can play a huge role in home efficiency and improving indoor comfort this winter. It’s time for you to take a closer look.


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With a simple but diligent walk-through, you can perform a basic energy audit to identify what your home is doing well and what needs to be improved. This article talks about 5 areas you should be focusing on during your examination.

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