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Yeah sure.... Given the date it was posted I'm gonna believe this :P
I should have stated the gaming category. Google destroyed AFD hands down.
That's the best April fools ever. Great job Ubisoft :-D
But wait, I actually want this
My wife thought it was real she was like who is going to do that lol
That would be fuckn bad ass!!!!!!
i thought is was real up until that lady hit the table XD
thats going to be aswome if it doesnt fail
this should turn from a joke into a reality!
Won't that be kinda clunky and hard to use though?
Thats FUNNY!!! Great April Fools joke
really that waz great untill the girl fell on the table,now that waz laphable lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seems that not many are reading small print in final titles :)
April Fools duh..if you don believe me click on the video it's not on the official Assassin's Creed YouTube Channel
how awesome would that be, if it'd be serious... xD
tht actually looked fun until they hurt themselves
whts so good about freaking assassins creed
this is very frightening,.....turned the kids into zombies, up on real supersoldierassassins,..horrific real stuff, aint pretty wonder where all the missing children went, your own research young folks,..our generation was too stupid to fix irt, guys gotta get smarter,..dont buy their(illuminati) STUFF,..mindstuff electronics food dumbdownstuff,..resist those corporation generated impulses,,...bloody hell here ,..literally,...your blood
how can u not like assasins creed!
I got your metal Assassin's Creed 3 case 2 weeks ago. Can't wait till October!
Nice April fool +Neville Conway!
i just want the wii wrist peripherials. I would run around all day assassinating people with my wiimotes. Feel the 6 degrees of motion controlled murder.
dig deeper do real research on supersoldier assassins,..Michael Prince, project camelot interview with this real shit sherlocks,...whole planet of April and every other month fools
I can't believe I am saying this but I am afraid for the future human generation. They will not think out of the box but literally be in the box.
Jon L
I demand this become real
its no bloody joke, some real research
Kinect blows. It's a fad just like 3D TV. I'll be glad when it's over so it stops infesting my gaming news RSS feed.
dude they should make gta on the kinect
quit the gaming kids and get back in the real game of life,..we're in trouble,..big trouble,..its up to you now
Yup Neville.. Reminds of Wall.E
they just showed how dangerous this would be lol but AWESOME!!
i dont have this stupid crap, i have all old school games, so old school, they havnt come out with electricity yet.
I hate this so much...WHY U NO BE REAL!?!?!??!
i dont really like assasins creed
how about for the Play station move
Hahaha, awesome. Loved it when she crushed her table.
I hope that's not an antique table.
Haha i was so exited until the girl broke the table and the guy did the flip, i seriously tgh this was real lmao!
Good and funny stuff haha.
Btw im a super fan of assassins creed that's why i was so exited, i wish they can make the game like that but for real haha!
Love it and would so totally buy it and play it daily!!! I would be so bada$$!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Kinect!!!!!
April Fools...lot of takers on that one
The guy that was sitting on the invisible bench was super-pro. I love the running around like a dork on the loading screen as well. SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEYALREADY!
i would so buy this game, and like lay down a bunch of padding so i can do the jump stunt lol ;)
Def April Fools. Kinect would do the combat part of this game well, but with no controller to use as a walking/navigation, this simply isn't possible.
That was a good one. Makes me hope for something like this for real one day.
I announced it to everyone, then I finished the article 
this is no real ...kkkk ...fake
Lol, people would be like "I CAN DO THAT" and then they murder someone and attempt to jusp from a 3-story building into a bale of hay. EPIC FAIL
So funny when the girl slam onto the coffee table!! LOL I love this game but the little girl at the end was cute! I love this game!
Pretty sure I need this, sucks its a joke but i'm all for jumping into furniture if its necessary to hide from guards haha
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Er Vin
Best assassin's creed yet! Goty
Lol. This video had me going until the end.
Is this for real? There is no way I could play AC like this! I would be wore out in ten minutes!
wow amazing but need to test ....
That's a funny commercial, especially when the guy does the flip at the end. 
worst add ever but its funny did you see that wii part but thay shuld make this game
that's amazing I wanna do that game mad fun. that guys back must be like broken when he did that flip at the end!!!
LOVE!!!!! awwwwwwww....If this has been real I would have bought a Kinect 360 ~TONIGHT~!!!! +Rhonda Seymour, you need to show this to Ken!!!
Seriously I love assains creed but that's mental!!!
Loved the ending! Just too funny. Given the Kinect enhanced Mass Effect 3, at first I thought it could happen. Of course, full motion control on this title not the best idea. As soon as I saw the guy doing the acrobatic attack move I was like - yeah, the average gamer can pull that off.

Video was really nicely done.
Terry -
Lmao super funny
ok this looks so awesome i really hope they do make this stuff happen cause unlike Neville there i think it would be better for the generation there is more exccersise and movement instead of just sitting there with a control in there hands. Neville i think u went alittle to far into this man but whatever your allowed to express your own opinion i guess
Cool jus might get it for my cousin
good job ubisoft good job
Omg it's not even funny!!!!!!!
Is this an April Fool's Day thing?
That is impossible to have it on your phone lol
kool need on of those and assassin creed go hard bad this is a april fools joke, it would have been pretty cool.
We need to exterminate anyone from human life who actually thinks this looks good. I was laughing from the very beginning of the video to the end because of how stupid it is. Nothing was cool about this video, you idiots.
Why cant it stay for the controller it is so much better that way
eventhough this game is fake um most ac games have inappropriate scenes and that would just be odd
Made my (April Fools') day. Lol.
finely something i can play on kenict
So Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it looks interesting i kinda want to play it I mean it dose Lunda sound a little stupid but exciting at the same time .
so not fair man!!! i was gonna get that
Emily L
Tobuscus... Brotherhood literal trailer onYoutube.. funny and catchy!!
Its an April Fools isn't it........?
HAHAHA! Thought this was real before the end!
This is a joke. Kinect could never work that well!
i hate the people that made this :[ it looked so legit i was about to go and buy the system just so i can get the game. still this video is so freaking cool 10 stars, 6 thumbs up
That actually looked cool, you have my permission to make that into a real product.
Argh ... I need to learn martial arts to play this game!

what??? it's a joke???
Is it possible to convert all my fingers to thumbs just for this one? LOL There will be a lot of indoor accidents if this is the case. (^^,)
They need to build a company that turns April Fools Commercials into real products. I'm still laughing...
ಥ_ಥ why cant it be true.
perfectly demonstrates how goofy the Kinect is for particular video games.
wait, wait, wait you do relize that if this dosent come out we will hate ubisoft for not making the best video game of all. so you posted this made us excited and then you kill us by saying its not real? you shoulda thought that through.
that's very amazing...iI like it
my name's desi...I am from Indonesia
WACK it would have been better if it was actually real... such a disappointment
A friend bought me AC2 and its realy good (better than expected should I say) and now this - I mean wow! get fit while beating bad guys. Climbing and jumping should be interesting.
Ray Lee
ac2 acb nice games
LMAO thats brilliant
(should have watched before commenting)
This looks stupid as fck assassins creed would B 100% terrible if it came out 4 the kinect this shit iSz gay
I hope it's NOT an April's Fools joke.
It is, at the end of the video it says it is not real until someone makes it also available for the wii, not available for the wii.
how do you do the face time thing where u can...ya like talk to people on here????!!!!!
The combat part looked fun as hell, actually.
That would make a great weight loss/exercise program. LOL
Toto Mc
super cool...
hahaha the part were they menchon the wii is halarious
This looked so good until it ended. Also, I can't believe this was a fan made video. It seemed like it would actually be a plausible concept endorsed by Ubisoft and Kinect.
The best joke I saw these two days. Well Done!!!!
Lmao she hit that table and I knew she was doing the most lol
#Classic lol! Perfect April fools joke
played that ish all day. minus kinect :(
good one...there are 1,000s of people out there tauted this new "game", I am sure
Love it,cant wait to intro it to my friend and customer wakaka
April Fools!!!!
hahaha thats funny and looks painful
i wish this was real so bad it hurts
haha. had me like super geeked up for a sec. good one lol
that is why there is a saying.. "Don't do this at Home.. Do it outside of your home"
Wow. I think that i will not get past the first level without a couple of good rests lol
That would be awesome! I for one would buy it!
Gotta Love The Full Body Dive & The Table Crash...
I Can See A Full Room Of Destruction Playing This...
Need Really Good Medical Insurance,
To Cover The Doctor Bills...
I forsee a lot of trips the the emergency room and, IKEA in its future.
Sounds more like a leagal way to destroy your friends house, nearly kill yourself, and others.
This will cause insurance premiums too rise a little, hopefully they include a discount coupon to use at your insurance company.
does that mean you have to be a black belt to play it now?
very amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh man, I wasn't gonna pick this up but now I am!!!
the girl with the glasses and red hair on the side is pretty
i thought , it's bollywood movie
Haha I want to the leap of faith too, but I need some extra cushioning in my living rooms just to be safe from bruises
You can tell its fake as soon as they show girls playing it.
If that were true, then it would be a great work out.
so so so cool man I want to do it and on wii hahaha how do you do those moves 
Lol i have the conect and i acualy fell on a ty able ones and broke the legs haha playing sports on kinect
Seriously its a game??? Damn Cool!!!!!
someone almost gave heart attack, 4getting that it was april fools day
DAT Leap of Faith.
Lolz reminds me of the Starcraft with kinetic video. after the first flip you knew it was April's fools joke. but IF only it was real eheh
awesome game assassins creed
Great! The poor plot will not matter anymore with this
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Hey Frencis're a douchebag. Take that mindless jibber jabber somewhere else.
damn they got me. I was all in it too. you bastardos
lol "know the creed" gameinformor and I agree
dang gamers got some skills, that's badass!!!
I'm not sure this will actually be all that good (on Kinect), but it's certainly a great idea.
It may have been for April Fools, but damn that was good!
Hahaha what a funny face at the end 1:39. His friends must be thinking "What's" :D
rob val
nobdy gives a shit
+rob val LOL... that is demonstrably false, given the number of comments on this link. Ah well, haters gonna hate.
its a new generation xtra advance game
just kill them (buy real guns) american made.
that girl deos not know hw to ply assassin's creed
I can final play (live) the dream....
Woow...awesome... I like this game
OH my god that is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If this was true i will be 10 kilos by now. (No kidding. I LOVE Assassin's Creed.)
nice ....when they come up with something like this i will deffinetly buy an xbox kinect
The kid with the Wii Hidden Blades. Run for Your Lives!!!!
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