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Join AC3 Creative Director Alex Hutchinson as he guides you through the Frontier, stalking, hunting and face-stabbing.

US Version: Assassin's Creed III Official E3 Frontier Gameplay Demo [North America - Commented]
European Version: Assassin's Creed 3 - Frontier walkthrough video commented [UK]
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Why do I feel nervous every time one of these videos comes out and it specifies that it's for North America? That just smacks of "there are some things we don't want the US to know about yet". (I'm not ignoring Canada, but obviously the place setting is in the colonial US.)
Has anyone ever thought of Assassin's Creed as "Zelda for grown-ups"?
+John Berger Actually, it's way more mundane than that, haha. It's about the difference between regional retailers, pre-order deals and Collectors Editions.
The combat looks much more realistic and the multiple attackers will increase the challenge. Looking forward to this one.
+Assassin's Creed That's understandable, I suppose, but I never understood why you guys do that anyway.  Why not put the same release date with the same promotions globally? Not that it really matters - I pre-ordered the game weeks ago.  :)
Got nothing to say besides that it is brilliant can't wait
+John Berger So, the funny thing is that we can't match the release dates across territories because it simply isn't up to us. Each region has its own rules about when games are released... I don't even think it is especially official except that retailers/distributors agree to have this one day of the week be the day when videogames come out, hehe. It used to be the same way with DVDs, but I don't know if it still is.
+Assassin's Creed Wow. That's just insane. You'd think that the ubiquity of the Internet would have progressed such silliness into more of a standardized routine.  You learn something new every day.  :/
It's nothing that you would probably understand...
Ayush, how would you know its the best game ever? have you played it ? but anyways, Assassin's Creed is the best game series EVER! 139 days till AC III!
Enjoyed it. Together with the tweet that clarified how fights will not be as easy as some thought they would, it's perfect. Can't wait.
Wow! Looks really amazing. When is the releasing date?!
Cool! That's not too far away. Thanks La Cripta :)
Is Jesper Kyd going to be the composer for this game?! 
This may just be the best game ever!
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