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The announcements are over, and the countdown is complete. We bring you the first official trailer for Assassin’s Creed III. Several years in the making, Assassin’s Creed III takes you back to the American Revolutionary War, but not the one you’ve read about in history books. Watch it now, and share with your friends.

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Looks great! I hope the new setting is as enjoyable as the last games. Parkour through the trees does look pretty hot though. Give us a gameplay trailer!
but... why the cape? I mean, it suited to medieval ages very good. But to a halfblooded assassin? i wanna see some cherokee stuff instead of an arabian cape ;)
I don't see a cape. He's got the cow hide boots and bracers/gloves, the coat is styled after the military uniforms of the time, various native american trinkets strung all over him. Without completely doing away with the "Assassins look", what else do you expect?
Horses and climbing on trees. What more can a man ask for?
cape, coat... whatever. an assassin is meant not to take the attention on his back. so, he should just match whatever environment he is in. this would make the game kind of realisitc. i don´t need this "look" to know that my character is a killer...
But he wouldn't be matching the environment, that has never been the purpose of the Assassin's garb. He'd be matching everyone else wandering around the various towns you'll be in. Its not like Ezio or Altiar wore urban camo or forest camo to blend in. They dressed according to the style of the time, to blend in with the people (not the environment), and to fit the "Assassins Creed" style. I think this new one fits perfectly in line with that.
with environment i meant the (surrounding) people. ezio also not fittet into the crowd. altair did. don´t put everything on my language skills which aren´t the best, this is not my native language.
Amazing trailer I can't wait for it.thank ubisoft for this game
This is Different thing.Let see what will be in future. but, i think It will be cool in North America.
Yeah!!!!!, I want play, I want play !!!...
I've been waiting for this........I gotta say I'm pretty excited
my son is gonna be so sure imma hear about it till the day it comes
ya, i just can't get excited about that trailer. The setting doesn't look terribly exciting. Big medieval cities. That was fun. Crawling around army camps in the mud? not so fun. I'll await some gameplay vids.
the tree climbing looks fun though.
"MAY contain content inappropriate for children"??? lol...
Looks awesome! Reminds me of Last of the Mohicans.
Some of those moves look like they are straight out of Mel's movie, "The Patriot." Hmmmmmmmmm.
This movie, I will see. I read 15 novels every 2 wks. I have covered so much history; but to see, read, or hear in audio books - our history in the US is the foundation of truth. So many stories are different; don't judge, just understand to be sure you have the truth. Kitty Kelso
+Kitty Kelso, this is a reveal for an upcoming video game... not an upcoming movie.
¡Viva la Revolucion! While we didn't need AC to take an American setting, knowing the amazing team behind these games, I'm sure this will be one amazing story.
the end of the video says it comes out on the 30th of oct while the site says 31st
Do you think Native Americans suffered from PTSD?
Wow!!! That's almost movie quality... surprised if the in-game looks that good but you can always hope ;)
Oct 30 is a Tuesday. Most software is released on Tuesdays in the US, hence the Oct 30 date at the end of the US Trailer for... I would Imagine Oct 31 to be the European release date.
Looking forward to this, I love the Historical Fiction settings that the Assassin's Creed series has gone into. I hope that any spin-offs of the series can hit on other real world events of our past.

The fall of Alexander the Great? Assassins
The Gunpowder Plot? Assassin working as a Templar double-agent
The Capture of the Enigma decoder? I'm not saying it was assassins, but...

Wow, is that a movie or a game. Unbelievable graphics.
I dont know what dis be or who dis be ssoooo....
Not really surprised AC3 got set in the US. Nevertheless I hope they do more then just change the story and location.
sweet deal, my first was brotherhood, and the gameplay was ok, repetative at times, but what I did enjoy was how educational it was, laugh if you wish... this one should be interesting
+Jairam Tinku +Throwaway Accnt Actually, we have updated the overall game engine, it's called AnvilNext. We'll reveal more about what it means to both the gameplay and graphics in the coming months.
Wow. Looks very promising. I think that the new setting will make the game feel more fresh. Can't wait to play!
Ooo can't wait. Loved every one of the other games.
Is this going to have the same "overwatch command and control" as Revelations? Place an assasin and make him fight the oncoming horde? I hated that portion of the game.
wow what's next AC4 in during Napoleon conquest or American civil war
Am I excited! HECK YEAH! I'm also apprehensive. What, if anything, is Ubisoft doing to remain culturally sensitive? I see incredible room for screwing up here.
bear assasination is a tricky thing.
ok how do i get these adults off my google plus page!!???
well we have to assume that bear cavalry will show up ... if that happens then we are screwed ... on a serious note whos excited for assassins creed 3 hu !!!
i like your style nate !!!
Bloody. I mean, who ever heard of fighting your own kind? Think about it; It's really an enormous epic fail.
Haha i called it well sorta i guessed after i beat two that the next one would be world war 2 but close enough i suppose i knew it would be a slightly more modern war
Sooooo excited!! Way to go ubisoft!!!!!!! So pumped XD
Wait, this is real?
good shit man i cant wait to get my hands on this one
OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Its a sin to make us wait til october!!!! :(
epic!!!!! cant wait to sink my tomahawk into a brit lol
Finally, Miles can control his grandpa flying on trees! lol Just a fine time that I'm getting a little sick of climbing medieval and renaissance walls
Awesome! Time to get my mel gibson on like he did with his tomahawk in the patriot!
Finally an anti-US game...
Really? The next one wil be what... The Zulu Wars? Looks cool, just wierd setting.
I gotta agree with +Philip Yau. Although the new Assassin seems to be like a native American, it will be very refreshing to see a game that is anti-US story-wise.
wooooooooooowwwwww i want that game
totally getting it first chance i get!
I still haven't finished AC Brotherhood... not enough hours in the day. Definitely grabbing this one though.
leo kun
it makes me wonder assassin's creed IV's setting: the civil war or the world wars.
+Chino Yray I only hope Ubisoft doesn't cop out and decide to make it pro-US, but anti-British. >_>
Isn't there already an Assassin's Creed III (Brotherhood) , still very cool!
No, Kristian, it's just called AC: Brotherhood.
this is going to be awesome although they are releasing for the wi witch is kind of upsetting but they are cheap enough I will buy one for this game
Rob M
holy crap holy crap im so frikkin getting this!!! Awesome!!!!!
One of my favorite parts of this series is the storytelling! This doesn't look like it will disappoint!
That was unnecessarily violent.

..and i loved it!
tu vidio pa ser??????????????
real classy comment from Hassan-we should be grateful I guess that he can even spell it right
Jebus! I really need to get a wiggle on and finish brotherhood... Then buy and finish revelations.
Finally the native Americans get some gaming respect
coooool! yet there's something strange about the costume and i don't know how to explain~
I wish I had a good enough graphics card to play Assassin's Creed. I am still slumming it with Civ III.
i have played this really awesome graphics , it palying good in my Dell Xps - with 4 GB graphic Support
We need a fresh soundtracks. It is necessary. Go #JesperJyd
Good job on the trailer UBISOFT! The game looks so EPIC! Can't wait!
I love how in the comments above, Assassin's Creed keeps posting comments that own all the haters... lol!
That part in the trailer where Connor (The main character) stabs the guys face on the bayonet on the end of his gun and then shoots the gun into his face! Oh yeah, that's an awesome kill!
Tobuscus should make a literal with this. THIS IS AWSOME!!!
This looks awsome...I'm new to AC finished the first one the other day and am starting on AC II I'm wondering is this the kind of game that i should play all of them before I go to this one is it the kind of story that I need to see what all happens before I play number III?
+Noble Six No, it isn't. You don't need to play them all to understand 3, but you would be missing out on a whole lot of awesome game play if you don't play them all. :) Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations are connected. And they are awesome.
+Noble Six don't have to.but good idea to. AC2, brother hood and revelations are brilliant games and you will understand more of desmonds story. Though don't know what the storey will be in AC3
na...ezio is better.
Even i thought that conor is better than ezio but no
il va tuer niveau graphisme et histoire vivement ... !!!
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