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Arquillian Universe 1.0.0.Alpha1 Released
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

The Arquillian Universe BOM is a 'Bill of Material' Maven POM file collection that make up a module stack that stretch across the whole Arquillian Universe.

This project aim to fulfill two main requirements:

# Simplify the 'Getting Started' experience
# Unify naming and versions

The following modules are included in this first Alpha releaase:

* arquillian-junit
* arquillian-junit-standalone
* arquillian-testng
* arquillian-testng-standalone
* arquillian-cukes
* arquillian-drone
* arquillian-graphene
* arquillian-graphene-recorder
* arquillian-warp
* arquillian-warp-jsf
* arquillian-persistence
* arquillian-chameleon
* arquillian-byteman
* arquillian-cube-docker
* arquillian-cube-containerless
* arquillian-cube-openshift
* arquillian-governor-github
* arquillian-governor-jira
* arquillian-governor-skipper
* arquillian-jacoco
* arquillian-recorder
* arquillian-recorder-api
* arquillian-rest-jaxrs2
* arquillian-rest-jersey
* arquillian-rest-resteasy2
* arquillian-rest-resteasy3
* arquillian-rest-warp-cxf
* arquillian-rest-warp-jaxrs2
* arquillian-rest-warp-jersey
* arquillian-rest-warp-resteasy
* arquillian-spacelift
* arquillian-spring
* arquillian-spring-persistence
* arquillian-spring-transaction
* arquillian-spring-warp
* arquillian-transaction-jta

Please refer to the release notes for more information and usage examples:

Thanks to our house release heroes: +Alex Soto & +Štefan Miklošovič 
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Arquillian Governor 1.0.0.Final Released
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

Arquillian Governor Extension gives you the possibility to programmatically choose what test methods of your Arquillian tests are going to be executed and what are going to be skipped by putting your custom annotations on the test methods. The resolution of the test method execution is done during the test class execution in BeforeClass phase.

Arquillian Governor JIRA

JIRA extension enables you to skip some test mehods which are in Unresolved or Open state in your JIRA instance, because you assume that if you run that test it would fail. Once that JIRA is resolved as Done, that test method will not be skipped.

You can even close your JIRAs directly from test methods when you force the execution despite the fact it should be skipped. If this test method passes successfully, you can close related JIRA issue from test.

Arquillian Governor GitHub

The GitHub integration work largely the same as the JIRA integration, except it of course integrate with GitHub Issues.

Arquillian Governor Skipper

On the other hand, Arquillian Governor Skipper extension adds one annotation – TestSpec – which describes your test method in more details. This information is reported to Arquillian Reporter and it is seamlessly integrated to Arquillian testing reports hence you have betteroverview about the state of your test suite.

See the release notes for usage examples and more information:

Space-heroes: +Štefan Miklošovič & +Alex Soto 
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Arquillian Cube: Write Tests Once, Run Them Everywhere
Arquillian Cube is an Arquillian extension that can be used to manage Docker containers from Arquillian . Basically it starts all Docker containers required for your tests, deploys the application (or micro-application) which can be Java based or not, runs ...
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Asciidoctor meets Arquillian Cube
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen

+Maxime Gréau explains how he's testing the +Asciidoctor Java Docker image using the +Arquillian Cube extension for controlling Docker images via a +WildFly application server .

Interesting read:
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Writing a book is a journey. At the beginning of the journey, you mostly know where you want to go, but have only vague notion of the way to get there and the time it will take. I’ve finally released the paperback version of Integration Testing from the Trenches on Amazon and that means this specific journey is at end.

The book starts by a very generic discussion about testing and continues by defining Integration Testing in comparison to Unit Testing. The next chapter compares the respective merits of #JUnit   and #TestNG . It is followed by complete description on how to make a design testable: what works for Unit Testing works also for Integration Testing. Testing in software relies on automation, so that specific usage of the #Maven  build tool is described in regard to Integration Testing – as well as #Gradle . Dependencies on external resources make integration tests more fragile so faking those make them more robust. Those resources include: databases, the file system, #SOAP  and #REST  web services, etc. The most important dependency in any application is the container. The last chapters are dedicated to the Spring framework, including #Spring  MVC and #JavaEE  .

In this journey, I also dared ask +Josh Long  of Spring fame and +Aslak Knutsen team lead of the #Arquillian  project to write a foreword to the book – and I’ve been delighted to have them both answer positively. Thank you guys!

I’ve also talked on the subject at some JUG and European conferences: JavaDay Kiev, Joker, Agile Tour London, and JUG Lyon and will again at JavaLand, DevIt, TopConf Romania and GeeCon. I hope that by doing so, Integration Testing will be used more effectively on projects and with bigger ROI.
Should you want to go further, the book is available in multiple formats:

- A paperback version on #Amazon  for $49.99 (
- Electronic versions for Mac, Kindle and plain old PDF on #Leanpub  ( The pricing here is more open, starting from $21.10 with a suggested price of $31.65. Note you can get it in all formats to read on all your devices.

If you’re already a reader and you like it, please feel free to recommend it. If you don’t, I welcome your feedback in the comments section. Of course, if neither – I encourage you to get a book and see for yourself!
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