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Askrinn (Pagan Black Metal)
Pagan Black Metal band in the vein of Arckanum, evoking ancient Runic Esoterism and forgotten Nordic Lores.
Pagan Black Metal band in the vein of Arckanum, evoking ancient Runic Esoterism and forgotten Nordic Lores.

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Hi everyone :) !

I've just completed putting together my Best-Of list for 2015's black metal albums !
Do you agree with the bands I selected ? Anything missing ?

Check it out here :

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A few days ago, Support Black Metal's mastermind Lyubomir sent me an email to propose me to write a little article for his website. More precisely, a little list of some underground black metal I had discovered over the last few months...

It's freshly published now - check it out smile emoticon
Featuring Havukruunu, Aries, Grift and Wallachia !

Thank you Lyubomir for this opportunity, I am very proud to participate to your blog !


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Dear Friends, I am very excited to share with you this new article on the Askrinn blog, which contains a selection of 10 Medieval Black Metal albums by Aldébaran and Cervantes from +DarkenhöldOfficial  and myself.

How many of them did you already know ? Which one do you prefer ? Let us know ! :)

#medieval #blackmetal #list

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Writing the lyrics keeps going on.

As you can see, I already have many versions of each song.

This process includes a lot of research. I have even looked for the average temperatures in the medieval times in order to make sure my landscape descriptions were correct.

Lots of kennings are used. They are like circumlocutions allowing poetic expressions of an otherwise common subject. For instance, 'ártali' : it means 'Year-Teller', in other words The Moon, as the heathen year was based on moon observation.

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Little bit late sharing, but recently +Scene Point Blank  proposed me to participate to their "One Question Interview" series.
Here's my answer to their question : "What is your favorite music related film or documentary?"

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Fresh news ! We have now officially started working on a new album.

This time we are writing the Old Norse lyrics from scratch, but the story will follow the lines of a true medieval text, once again ! 

Click here to learn all the details :

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Hi everyone !

I have decided to diversify a little bit the content of the blog once more, in particular in order to provide some tips for musicians (regarding playing but also recording).

Is any of you playing #guitar ? and #blackmetal ? Then you may be interested by this first article : a series of exercises for tremolo picking practice.

I'd love to have your feedback about this (even if you're already a seasoned musician, actually !) - and if you know people who might be interested in this, please share it with them.

Hope you're fine,


Read here :

Other blog posts :

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Thank You so much ! We are proud to announce that our debut full-length album, Hjørleifsljóð, is now SOLD OUT !

(tip: you can still download it for Free though)

Read more here :

#pagan  #blackmetal

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Big News !

Introducing the new Askrinn drummer, Haukr !

Askrinn is not a One-Man Band anymore :

#blackmetal #drummer
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