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I'm not saying I don't enjoy the pics +Jason Crabtree but there is something going on with your Instagram account.

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YouTube recommended me to get familiar with Meg Myers music.
Thanks YouTube, she is great, a bit scary though.

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Beautiful song, Richard Ayoade sure can sing. 😜

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Interesting reactions on comments,
I know you can think this is depressing but
I felt the quite opposite.

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Interesting idea,
in short. Don't waste energy on things you don't have to do and hate.
Automate the things you have to do, but hate.
And you free up energy for things you love to do.

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Year 2017 is starting pretty good. At least on book front.
At the start of the year I watched this TED video of Susan Cain.
I first heard about the introverts many, many years ago while browsing in Internet, and went 'F..., that's me.' at least for some bits.
Of course now that stuff seems to pop up all over the Internet.

Anyway, I liked the video and the book

Susan Cain - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

sounded interesting.
It is. It's also written very well. Very fluid reading.
It also has thoughtful mood, pondering instead of hammering subjective views as objective facts, which I hate in some books.
Books tells benefits of introvert qualities, stories, psychology, scientific discoveries made, history, gives tips how raise introvert child, how to get most out of introverts in school and work, relationships...
And not in a way 'Introverts are best, suck it extroverts!',
but explaining differences and benefits of both, lucky ambiverts.
And how understanding and embracing them in ourselves and in others improves our lives, instead of trying to shoehorn everybody into one-size-fits-all mold. Also interesting things about why we sometimes 'act out of character'.

Stuff that stuck in mind.
The are physiological differences in brain activity to extroverts and introverts, did not know that. Some, I forgot the percentage, introverts just react more to stimuli.

Study where they made group of introverts and extroverts have conversations in pairs. Introverts with introverts, extroverts with extroverts and introverts with extroverts. First type of pairs focused on one or two serious subjects, where as second type of pairs more light-hearted and wider-ranging topics.
But the most interesting thing was on introvert and extrovert pairs.
Introverts felt that conversations were lighter and extroverts that they could relax more and even confine their problems.
So you might not be 'boring' even if you're an introvert, I am, but you not might be. Maybe you're just the company needed for troubled soul.

Introverts aren't anti-social, just differently social. I agree on this, I enjoy much more small groups and one-on-one conversations than bigger parties.

Very detailed story of couple where other was confrontational extrovert and the other conflict avoiding introvert. This was direct hit. Reminded me of how it was with Ex. Worst part is that I sort of knew about this and our different ways of arguing and didn't try to defuse the situation. Just crawled deeper into my shell.
I doubt it would have changed the end result but maybe we would got there with less misery for both of us.

One thought I had after finishing this book was that in a world with 'people of action' (James Bond) and 'people of thought' (Q).
I don't just accept that I'm Q, I'm happy about it.
Less noisy and I'll get punched a lot less.

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