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Setting goals that are both realistic enough to achieve and ambitious enough to exceed are quintessential to a good workout routine.
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Pullups is a great goal.  Pick a number, mine is 15 in a row.  And then go for it. 
I would recommend short, mid, long term fitness goals which will help you stay accountable, and motivated when you see and feel results. I use races as my goals and pull-up and pushups!
I agree that races are a great way to spread out your milestones.  They are an excellent measuring points.  What do you run?
yeah another runner! I run everything from 1/2 marathons to -trail Ultra-marathons. I am running San Fran marathon this weekend. What do you run?
I'm on the low end, 5k and 10k runs.  I did one half marathon, and I think part of me died that day
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