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Does anyone have an idea of where to send the Kankun plug if it needs some major repairs?

I have a KanKun KK-SP3 but its WIFI module is broken. Can I somehow open the plug and flash it physically connecting to a system or something? any hacks on that?

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I bought a Kankun wifi switch from AliExpress

It neither connects to my android phones nor shows the OK_SP3 wifi SSID

Tried the old app and the new one. Nothing works. By the way, I dont care about the credentials leaking out because I have already changed them :)

Any help would be MOST WELCOME. Please advise if its a hardware unfixable issue or something that can be fixed

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Awesome app, good start

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The power of BitTorrent

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Twitter users took aim at Pakistani broadcasters Dawn News and ARY for spreading rumours. Dawn News erroneously reported that Army Chief Raheel Sharif asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (no relation) to step down. Meanwhile, ARY News falsely reported that a planned parliamentary meeting will demand the resignation of the Army Chief. #Pakistan's military quickly denied the reports.

#DawnNews #BanARY

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Hey, let's switch to Telegram: #secure #chat
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