Hello G+

I thought I'd set up a little competition for all you fab G+ people .. and the winner of the competition will get an A4 size landscape photobook with photos from my recent trip to Istanbul.

The aim of this competition is to see how you would edit my photo of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul .. Everyone has a different method or a different preference, so it would be great to see other peoples editing of my image. 

If you think this is cool, then please consider re-sharing this post. The more entries the better..

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is edit the image I have provided.. no rules, just edit the photo how you like, b&w, hdr, photoshopped, you decide.. However, I must be able to recognise my photo at the end of it..

How to enter?

Please follow these instructions..

1) Comment on the post below so I know you are entering.. and maybe add me to your circles so you can keep up to date with the competition.

2) Re-share this post to your circles so others can enter the competition.

3) Download the RAW file from the link:


4) Once you have finished editing, email your processed image to me at 


5) Finally, share your image on Google+ and Tag me to your photo so I get a notification that you have you entered..

What happens next?

As and when I get your emailed images, I will upload them to the following album for others to view:


The competition will end on 31st July 2012. The winning edit will then be picked by my wife, and the winner will be informed via G+ on 5th August 2012.

The winner will need to respond within 5 days with their contact details so I can post the photobook out to them, otherwise it will go to the runner up..

And that's about all.. I look forward to seeing what you can do with my raw image.. and once again, please consider re-sharing this post to your circles..

And good luck .. may the best edit (in my wife's opinion) win.. :)
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