Ep.10 trailer added for MBC drama series MAY QUEEN starring Han Ji-Hye, Kim Jae-Won, Jae Hee & Son Eun-Seo.

In tonight's ep.10 - Il-Moon knows that Kang San (Kim Jae-Won) is an inspector of the shipowner. Chang-Hee (Jae Hee) introduces Hae-Joo (Han Ji-Hye) to his father and tells him that he wants to marry her. Chang-Hee's father is surprised that Hae-Joo is still alive. Kang San and Do-Hyun (Lee Deok-Hwa) say hello to each other. Hae-Joo receives an acceptance letter and moves to Ulsan. She stays at Jung-Woo's (Lee Hun) house. Geum-Hee (Yang Mi-Kyeong) hears that Hae-Joo is in Ulsan.

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