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Asia Divers - El Galleon Resort
For the holiday of a lifetime come to El Galleon and Asia Divers
For the holiday of a lifetime come to El Galleon and Asia Divers

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This month’s "Monday News" cover photo is by Beth Watson. The Monday News is a great way to keep up-to-date on everythng that is happening at Asia Divers/El Galleon in Puerto Galera. Photography and scuba diving are Beth’s passions. Adoring the ocean and everything it has to offer, she focuses on capturing images that are unique, creative and thought-provoking. Through her imagery she strives to illustrate the beauty and wonders of the sea, hoping it will inspire others to conserve and preserve our ocean environment. Fascinated by it all, she enjoys the challenges of photographing wide-angle reefs and wrecks, as well as the tiniest animals in the sea. Beth is a international multi-award winning photographer who has done some of her best work here. Her images have been published in books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, websites and have been selected for juried art exhibitions. Visit for additional information and subscribe to our Monday news email

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Come and dive Puerto Galera with Asia Divers and stay at El Galleon beach resort.

The twins explain why Puerto Galera is so popular with divers from all over the world, from novice divers who want to learn our sport, right up to PADI Instructors and beyond.

I will say no more about Puerto Galera, let the twins in out promotion video tell you.

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A little information on the El Galleon Beach resort and scuba diving in Puerto Galera.

The Fact that El Galleon is gaining in popularity is demonstrated by the 15,258 views this page has received here.

It really is the resort where you will enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, with some of the best diving training from Asia Divers.

Here you can learn the first steps in diving or continue training right up to becoming a PADI Instructor and beyond.

With room rates starting at just $59 US a night this truly is the kind of top resort that will spoil you.

When we say this is a beach resort, we aren't kidding.  The restaurant of our beach resort is literally about 10 meters from the water at high tide.

Come and scuba dive in water which is a constant 25 - 29C and get diving qualifications recognized not only in Puerto Galera but world wide.

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Here at Asia Divers and El Galleon we have seen the popularity of our resort in Puerto Galera grow a lot in recent years. So what is it about Puerto Galera that brings people back time and again ?

Well for a start we think it is the qualty of the diving, the high variety of the corals and maybe the fact that the Puerto Galera bay was recently voted the most beautiful in the world

Added to which of course the entire area is designated as a Marine Reserve over 20 years ago by the Philippines Government and now in general terms the fish are not frightened of divers or snorkelers.

Added to all f which is the water temperature and visibility of  the water in Puerto Galera.  Throughout the year our water is always in the range of  25C - 28C

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And once again Google has changed the rules. This page tests a theory of mine.

So, Google has decided to drop Author pictures from results.  They tell us the effect of doing that will be minimal but our stats certainly don't support that.

These days we are getting lots of divers coming from China and this is what some of them have said about us.

部分学员在课程结束后的学习心得体会: 魂牵梦绕的PG岛海豚湾 ——2014年4月菲律宾潜水之旅,0,0,0.html PG岛OW考牌记--在Asia Divers的美好点滴 Asia Diver 大漠骑兵的Rescue超值课程,各种人品爆发,0,0,0.html 菜鸟在PG岛由O升A的10天29潜傻瓜攻略&心得,0,0,1.html 国庆PG-OW之旅,0,0,0.html 我的潜水课程OW之旅PG岛(水瓶座妈咪) 菲律宾海底过大年

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John Bennett was a much loved and respected diver here in Puerto Galera, who regrettably died on a shallow dive off the North Vietnam coast a few years ago. John held the record for a deep dive having dived to 308 meters.

John Bennett left nothing to chance and his dives were meticulously planned and carried out.

Today I came across this question and answer session with John shortly before his death.

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I never considered myself a wimp when it comes to sharks, but then I have always had scuba gear on.  Would I dare do this?  Not on your life!
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