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I'm not brave enough to buy a tablet which crashes during presentation! Are you?

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lol I know!

(I didn't make this)

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I must say wow! Finally some one will teach our politicians!
#Anonymous #OpIndia

Citizens of India and World,

We are Anonymous.
We are a collective bent at serving free will and justice.

It has been known that the Government of India and its ministers are commiting Aristrocracy.
The idea of democracy remains an idea only.

We were and are watching closely on all activities of the Goverment and its ministers.
Many ministers were and are charged with severe cases of corruption.
They do not care.
They do not care for the injustice happening.
They do not care for the freedom being snatched.

The Government has been covering up its activities and hiding the facts from its citizens.
It has imposed IT Act which allows it to censor the internet as it seems fit.
None other than Department of Telecommunications need to be blamed.
One cannot block on purview of security concerns.

Free will is endangered.

We cannot allow this.
We will not tolerate it anymore.
We will retaliate.

Even if our methods may not seem fit, we won't stop.
People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.
Our idea is of a truly free nation.
And an idea cannot be killed.
An idea cannot be hidden.
An idea cannot be CENSORED.

We have successfully compromised the security of many Government websites, as a means to show our aggresion against the injustice.
You can rest assured that no harm will be done to any of the sites. We won't stop untill our demands are met.
We want all corruption charged officials to be punished severly.
We want the right to freedom of speech to mean more than words.
We want order to the chaos of democracy.
We want able people to lead the country not govern it.

Its time you wake up.
Its time you take charge.
Its time you say, "Enough is enough"
Its time you change your fate.
Its time you show that this won't go un-noticed.
Its time you take charge.

Its time for Operation India.
Join us if you may.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

CHANNEL: opIndia

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Happy Wednesday Google+ Fans! We've exceeded 5,000 fans on Facebook and now we want to see if we can do it on Google+ too! If you know anyone who loves +Ubuntu and high-class hardware, please support us and share our page! Our new laptop generation launches soon and we want to spread it to as many people as possible:) We love our fans!

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How Linux Is Built

While Linux is running our phones, friend requests, tweets, financial trades, ATMs and more, most of us don't know how it's actually built. This short video takes you inside the process by which the largest collaborative development project in the history of computing is organized. Based on the annual report "Who Writes Linux," this is a powerful and inspiring story of how Linux has become a volunteer-driven phenomenon.

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